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to Makkah. Some of them involved themselves in mutilating the killed Muslims, and so did their
women. Women and men cut off the ears, the noses, the genitals of the martyrs. They even cut
open their bellies. Hind bin ‘Utbah— for instance— ripped open the liver of Hamzah and chewed it;
but finding it unpleasant, she spat it out. She even made the ears and noses of Muslims into anklets
and necklaces.
Two incidents occurred during the last hours of the fight. Which revealed for certain how far the
Muslims were ready to fight and sacrifice in the way of Allâh:
1. Ka‘b bin Malik said: I was one of those Muslims who fought in Uhud and witnessed the
polytheists’ act of barbarity in mutilating the dead bodies, but I passed them because I
couldn’t stand it. Then I saw an armed stout idolater pass through the Muslims and say:
“Gather them up and combine them in the way that sheep are gathered and slaughtered.”
Similarly I saw an armed Muslim waiting for him. I walked towards them till I stood behind
him. Comparing both of them, I found that the disbeliever was better than the other in arms
and figure. I kept on watching them till they were engaged in single combat. The Muslim
thrust at the disbeliever with his sword that went down his hip and split it into two. When
the Muslim unveiled his face, he said: “What about that, Ka‘b. I am Abu Dujana."
2. Some Muslim women came to the battlefield when the fight was over. Anas said: I saw
‘Aishah bint Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him) with Umm Sulaim. Their garments
were gathered up so I could see their anklets. They carried water bags on their shoulders
and emptied them into the mouths of people. Then they would go back to fill them and
come back to do the same. ‘Umar said: “Umm Saleet used to carry water bags to us on
Uhud Day.”
When Umm Aiman, who was one of those Muslim women who saw the defeated Muslim fighters
entering Madinah, she started throwing dust at their faces rebukingly saying: “Here is a spinning
wheel, take it! and g ive up carrying swords.” Then she raced to the battlefield. There she watered
the wounded. Hibban bin Al-‘Arqa shot an arrow at her, she fell down and her clothes were lifted up.
Seeing that, the enemy of Allâh, burst into laughter. That sight upset the Messenger of Allâh (Peace
be upon him), so he gave Sa‘d bin Abi Waqqas an arrow lacking an arrow-head and said “Shoot it”.
Sa‘d shot it, it pierced the idolater’s throat. He fell down and some parts of his body were revealed.
The Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him) then laughed so much that his molars could be seen.
Sa‘d avenged her and Allâh responded to her supplication.
As soon as the Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him) reached the defile, ‘Ali bin Abu Talib went
out and filled his water container with water from
. ‘
’ is said to be hollow
(concaved) rock containing plenty of water. It was also said that it is a water spring in Uhud
mountain. Anyway, ‘Ali brought that water to the Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him) to drink.
Finding that it smelt bad he refused to drink it, but only washed the blood off his face and poured
some of it over his head saying: Allâh’s Wrath is great on those who besmeared His Messenger’s
face with blood.
Sahl said: “By Allâh, I know who washed the wound of the Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him)
and who poured out water for him and what (substances) his wound was treated with: His daughter
Fatimah washed it, whereas ‘Ali poured water out of the container. When Fatimah realized that
water increased the flow of blood, she took a piece of straw mat, burnt it a little and stuck it to the
wound so blood ceased flowing.”
Muhammad bin Maslamah brought him fresh water to drink. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) drank
and supplicated Allâh to provide him withgood things. Owing to the wounds and their bad effects on
his body, the Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him) led his followers in prayer in a sitting posture
and so did the Muslims.
When the preparations of the idolaters for departure came to an end, Abu Sufyan went up the
mountain and called out: “Is Muhammad (Peace be upon him) among you?” They did not answer
him. Then he asked “Is Ibn Abi Quhafah (i.e. Abu Bakr) among you?” They did not answer. He asked
again: “Is ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab among you?” They did not answer him; for the Prophet (Peace be
upon him) forbade them answering him. He only asked about those three. That is because he and
his people knew quite well that the call to Islam depended to a large degree on those men. Abu
Sufyan then said: “As for those three, we have relieved you of.” ‘Umar could not help but talking, so
he said, “O enemy of Allâh, those whom you have just mentioned, I tell you that they are still alive.
Allâh has maintained what you hate.” Abu Sufyan answered: “The mutilation of your killed is
something I did not order it; but it did not displease me.” Then he shouted: “Hubal (an idol), let it
be sublime!” The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: “Why do you not reply?” “What shall we say?”
They asked him. “Say: Allâh is more Sublime and Exalted and Mightier as well.”
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