Page 139 - Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum

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highway men had moved to another place, so they captured their cattle and shepherds. The
inhabitants of Doumat Al-Jandal had also fled in all directions for their lives and evacuated their
habitations. The Prophet (Peace be upon h im) stayed there for 5 days during which he despatched
expeditionary forces to hunt for the enemy personnel but they detected none. He then returned to
Madinah but en route he entered into a peace treaty with ‘Uyainah bin Hisn. Doumat Al-Jandal is
located at about a distance of fifteen days march from Madinah and five from Damascus.
With this decisive and steady progress and wise strict plans, the Prophet (Peace be upon him)
managed to spread security, control the situation and make peace prevail the whole area. He also
succeeded in shifting the course of events for the welfare of the Muslims by reducing the incessant
internal and external troubles. The hypocrites were silenced, a tribe of the Jews evacuated while the
other continued to fake good neighbourliness and seemingly faithful adherence to the covenants,
the desert bedouins subdued and finally the archenemy Quraish no longer keen on attacking the
Muslims. This secure strategic attitude created optimum circumstances for the Muslims to resume
their logical course in propagating Islam and communicating the Messages of the Lord to all worlds.
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