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rather need to exterminate us completely. Now that Allâh has honoured us with Islam, I believe the
best recourse in this situation is to put them to the sword.” Thereupon the Prophet (Peace be upon
him) corrected their Belief saying: “My new policy is being forged to provide your security after all
the Arabs have united to annihilate you (Muslims).”
Allâh, the Glorious, the Exalted, praise is to him, created something that led to the dissension of the
enemies of Islam and later on to their full defeat. A man from the tribe of Ghatfan called Na‘im bin
Mas‘ud asked to be admitted in the audience of the Prophet (Peace be upon him). He declared that
he had embraced Islam secretly and asked the Prophet (Peace be upon him) to order him do
anything that might benefit the Muslims. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) asked him to do
anything that could help the Muslims in the present distress and use any strategem of avail. The
man, in a shuttle movement, between the Jews, Quraish and Ghatfan managed to incite each party
to let down the other. He went to see the chiefs of Banu Quraiza and whispered in their ears not to
trust Quraish nor fight with them unless the latter pledged some hostages. He tried to lend support
to his counsel by claiminthat Quraish would forsake them if they perceived that victory over
Muhammad (Peace be upon him) w as far fetched, and the Muslims then would have terrible revenge
on them. Na‘im, then headed for the camp of Quraish and managed to practise a similar strategem
in its final result but different in content. He claimed that he felt that the Jews regretted b reaching
their covenant with Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his followers. He told them that the Jews
maintained regular correspondence with the Muslims to the effect that Quraishite hostages be sent
to the camp of the Muslims with full Jewish allegiance paid to them as already agreed upon. Na‘im
then exhorted Quraish not to send hostages to the Jews. On a third errand, he did the same with
the people of Ghatfan.
On Saturday night, Shawwal 5 A.H., both Quraish and Ghatfan despatched envoys to the Jews
exhorting them to go into war against Muhammad (Peace be upon him). The Jews sent back
messages that they would not fight on Saturday. They added that they needed hostages from them
to guarantee their consistency. On receiving the replies, Quraish and Ghatfan came to believe
Na‘im’s words fully. Therefore, they sent a message to the Jews again inviting them to war and
asking them to preclude that condition of hostages. Na‘im’s scheme proved successful, and a state
of distrust and suspicion among the disbelieving allies prevailed and reduced their morale to
deplorable degree.
Meanwhile, the Muslims were preoccupied supplicating their Lord to protect their homes and provide
security for their families. The Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him) on his part invoked Allâh’s
wrath on the Confederates supplicating:
“Oh, Allâh! You are quick in account, You are the sender of the Book, we beseech You to
defeat the confederates.”
Allâh the Glorious, the Exalted, responded to the call of the Muslims on the spot. Coupled with the
dissension and variance that found their way into the hearts of the disbelievers, forces of nature—
wind, rain and cold wearied them, tents were blown down, cooking vessels and other equipage
That very cold night the Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him) despatched Hudhaifa bin Al-Yaman
to hunt around for news about the enemy. He found out that they were preparing to leave frustrated
for their inability to achieve their target. Allâh did really fulfill His Promise, spared the Muslims
fighting a formidable army, supported His slave [Muhammad (Peace be upon him)] and inflicted a
heavy blow on the Confederates.
The battle of the Trench took place in the fifth year Hijri. The siege of Madinah started in Shawwal
and ended in Dhul Qa‘dah, i.e. it lasted for over a month. It was in fact a battle of nerves rather
than of losses. No bitter fighting was recorded; nevertheless, it was one of the most decisive battles
in the early history of Islam and proved beyond a shadow of doubt that no forces, however huge,
could ever exterminate the nascent Islamic power growing steadily in Madinah. When Allâh obliged
the Confederates to evacuate, His Messenger was in a position to confidently declare that
thenceforth he would take the initiative in war and would not wait for the land of Islam to be
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