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“They think that
(the Confederates) have not yet withdrawn, and if
(the Confederates) should come (again), they would wish they were in the deserts
(wandering) among the bedouins, seeking news about you (from a far place); and if they
(happen) to be among you, they would not fight but little.” [33:20]
All enemies of Islam from the Jews, hypocrites and polytheists did acknowledge that Islam had the
upper hand not because of material superiority, multitudes of troops or much equipment; but it was
rather due to the noble values, refined ethics and high attributes that imbued the Muslim community
and whoever was attached to it. The enemies of Islam were already aware of that flood of light
derived wholly from the person of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) , who always stood as an
excellent exemplar for men to copy and follow.
The enemies of Islam, after steering the course of futile warfare against the new religion for five
years, came to realize fully that exterminating Islam is not accessible in the battlefields, so they
resorted to other tact ics. They, being reputed gossip-mongers, decided to launch a widespread
propaganda campaign aiming at slandering the person of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) in a most
sensitive area of the Arabian life, namely ethics and traditions. Following the battle of the
Confederates, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) married Zainab bint Jahsh after her marriage with
Zaid bin Haritha, his adopted son, had broken up. They seized this opportunity and began to
circulate idle talk against the Prophet (Peace be upon him) in Arabia depending on a tradition among
the desert Arabs that prohibits contracting a marriage with an adopted son’s divorcee. They alleged
that his marriage would be considered a heinous sin. They also based their malicious propaganda on
the fact that Zainab was his fifth wife whereas the number was strictly limited to a maximum of four
in the Noble Qur’ân, hence the validity of this marriage was in doubt, according to them.
These rumours and gossips had a negative impact on the morale of some weak-hearted Muslims
until the decisive verses were revealed acquitting the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and invalidating
all those ill designs and obnoxious schemes:
“O Prophet [Muhammad (Peace be upon him)]! Keep your duty to Allâh, and obey not the
disbelievers and the hypocrites (i.e. do not follow their advices). Verily! Allâh is Ever All-
Knower, All-Wise.” [33:1]
During this
, the hypocrites almost managed to create a sort of discord among the Muslims
themselves, coupled with a serious and ugly slander against the Prophet (Peace be upon him)
himself. In short, their behaviour was an authentic translation of Allâh’s Words:
“Had they marched out with you, they would have added to you nothing except disorder,
and they would have hurried about in your midst (spreading corruption) and sowing sedition
among you …” [9:47]
A quarrel was about to break out between the Emigrants and the Helpers on account of plots and
evil intentions designed by the hypocrites. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) told them off describing
their misbehaviour as something smacking of pre-Islamic practices. They, hypocrites with ‘Abdullah
bin ‘Ubai at their head, were furious for the challenge which the Muslims showed towards the hostile
plans and vicious intrigues woven behind closed doors, and swore “the most honourable will expel
the meanest out of Madinah,” and added: “They (the Muslims) have outnumbered and shared us our
land. If you fatten your dog, it will eat you.” When that talk was reported to the Prophet (Peace be
upon him), ‘Umar, a venerable Companion, asked for permission to have Ibn ‘Ubai killed. The
Prophet (Peace be upon him) naturally turned down his proposal on the grounds that it did not
become of a Prophet (Peace be upon him) to be accused of killing his people. He, on the contrary in
an unexpected move, asked ‘Umar to announce departure. He marched with his men for two days
until the sun grew too hot. They stopped and fell asleep, a clever attempt at diverting his people’s
attention from the previous event. ‘Abdullah’s son heard of that vile of his father and as the party
reached Madinah, he drew his sword and barred his father’s entry into the town until he had
confessed and declared that he himself was the meanest of the citizens of Madinah and the Prophet
(Peace be upon him) the most honourable of them. Thus the boast recoiled on his head. It was also
reported that the son was ready to kill his father if the Prophet (Peace be upon him) had wanted him
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