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whole area. We could in this context mention some of these incidental skirmishes which pointed
markedly to the ever-growing power of the Muslim society.
1. A platoon headed by Ghalib bin 'Abdullah Al-Laithi in Safar or in Rabi' Al-Awwal 7 A.H.
was despatched to muffle the provocative behaviour of Bani Al-Muluh. The Muslims managed
to kill a large number of the enemy soldiers and captured a great deal of booty. A large army
of polytheists rushed in their heel but floods hindered the pursuit, and the Muslims managed
to withdraw in safety.
2. 'Umar bin Al-Khattab, at the head of a 30-soldier group, set out to a spot called Turbah in
Sha'ban 7 A.H. to discipline the people of Hawazin. He no longer arrived at their habitation
that they fled for their lives.
3. Thirty men with Basheer bin Sa'd Al-Ansari headed for Bani Murrah in Sha'ban 7 A.H. in
Fadak area. He killed a large number of the enemy and seized a lot of their camels and cattle.
On his way back, the enemy gathered up forces and overtook the Muslims at night. They
showered Basheer and his men with arrows, and killed all the Muslims except Basheer, who
took refuge in Fadak and stayed with the Jews there until his wounds healed.
4. Ghalib bin 'Abdullah Al-Laithi at the head of a platoon of 130 men launched an attack
against Bani 'Awâl and Bani 'Abd bin Tha'lbah in Ramadan 7 A.H. They killed some of the
enemy's men and captured their cattle and camels. 'Usama bin Zaid killed Mardas bin Nahik,
a polytheist, but after he had pronounced the testimony of Allâh's Oneness to which incident
the Prophet peace be upon him commented addressing his Companions: " Would you rip open
his heart to discern whether he is truthful or a liar?"
5. A thirty-horseman group headed by 'Abdullah bin Rawaha marched towards Khaibar on
reports that Aseer (or Basheer bin Razam) was rallying the ranks of Bani Ghatfan to attack
the Muslims: They managed to persuade that Jew to follow them to Madinah encouraging him
that the Prophet peace be upon him would institute him as a ruler of Khaibar. On their way
back there occurred a sort of misunderstanding that gave rise to fierce fighting between the
two parties resulting in the death of Aseer and the thirty men with him.
6. In Shawwal 7 A.H., Basheer bin Sa'd Al-Ansari marched towards Yemen and Jabar at the
head of 300 Muslim fighters to subdue a large mob of polytheists who gathered to raid the
outskirts of Madinah. Basheer and his men used to march at night and lurk during the day
until they reached their destination. Having heard about the advent of the Muslims, the
polytheists fled away leaving behind them a large booty and two men who later embraced
Islam on arrival in Madinah.
7. In the year 7 A.H., shortly before the Compensatory 'Umrah (lesser pilgrimage), a man
called Jashm bin Mu'awiyah came to a spot called Ghabah where he wanted to gather the
people of Qais and entice them into fighting the Muslims. The Prophet peace be upon him, on
hearing these reports, despatched Abu Hadrad with two men to see to the situation. Abu
Hadrad, through a clever strategy, managed to rout the enemy and capture a lot of their
The Compensatory 'Umrah (Lesser Pilgrimage)
When Dhul Qa'da month approached towards the close of the seventh year A.H., the Prophet peace
be upon him ordered his people, and the men who witnessed Al-Hudaibiyah Truce Treaty in
particular, to make preparations to perform 'Umrah (lesser pilgrimage). He proceeded with 2000
men besides some women and children, and 60 camels for sacrifice, to visit the Holy Sanctuary in
Makkah. The Muslims took their weapons with them fearing the treachery of the Quraishites, but left
them with a party of two hundred men at a place some eight miles from Makkah. They entered the
city with the swords in their scabbards, with the Prophet peace be upon him at their head on his
she-camel, Al-Qaswa', while the surrounding Companions attentively focusing their look on him, all
saying: "Here I am! at Your service O Allâh!" The Quraishites had left the place and retired to their
tents on the adjoining hills. The Muslims performed the usual circumambulation vigorously and
briskly; and on recommendation by the Prophet peace be upon him they did their best to appear
strong and steadfast in their circumambulation as the polytheists had spread rumours that they
were weak because the fever of Yathrib (Madinah) had sapped their strength. They were ordered to
run in the first three rounds and then walk in the remaining ones. The Makkans meanwhile aligned
on the top of Qu'aiqa'an Mount watching the Muslims, tongue-tied at witnessing their strength and
devotion. When they entered the Holy Sanctuary, 'Abdullah binRawaha walked before the Prophet
peace be upon him reciting:
"Get out of his way, you disbelievers, make way, we will fight you about its revelation with strokes
that will remove heads from shoulders and make friend unmindful of friend." After ritual walking and
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