Page 207 - Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum

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The spirit and the corrupted conscience of people, the distorted valand measures of
overwhelmed the whole world during that period of
The prevalence of slavery, injustice,
extravagant luxury, adultery, depression, deprivity, disbelief, stray from the straight path and
darkness; all of those were
in spite of the existence of the heavenly religions. The
teachings of those religions had grown weak and lost all influence on men’s souls and spirits and
became mere lifeless ritual traditions.
When this Call had accomplished its role in human life, it freed mankind’s spirit of superstitions,
illusions, white slavery, corruption and man’s worship of man. Islam hadfreed the human society of
filth, dissolution, injustice and tyranny. There were no more social distinctions, nor clergymen’s or
governors’ dictatorship. Islam had set up a world built on solid virtuous and clean foundations, it
was based on positivity, righteous construction, freedom and renewal. Truth, faith, dignity active
steady deeds, the development and improvement of means of living and reclaim of rights were all
bases upon which the Islamic state was built.
Thanks to these evolutions, Arabia witnessed such an unprecedented blessed resurrection, since
construction and establishment found its way to it. Never had its history been so religious, pious and
brilliant as it had been during those peculiar days of its life.
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