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disc of the sun disappeared. Osamah added that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) moved onward to
Muzdalifa. where he observed the sunset and the evening prayers with one ‘First call’ and two
‘second calls’. He did not entertain the Glory of Allâh between the two prayers. Then he lay down till
it was dawn prayer time. He performed it with one first call and one second call at almost daybreak
time. Mounting on his Al-Qaswa’, he moved towards
Al-Mash‘ar Al-Haram
. He faced
started supplicating: “Allâh is the Greatest. There is no god but Allâh.” He remained there till it was
clear morning and before the sun rose high, he made his way to Mina. He walked a little and
threaded the mid-road leading to the big
where he stopped and pelted seven pebbles at it
saying “Allâh is the Greatest” each time. They were like small pebbles hurled from the bottom of the
valley. Then he set off to the sacrificial place, where he sacrificed sixty-three camels with his hands,
and asked ‘Ali to slaughter the others, a hundred and thirty-seven altogether. He made ‘Ali share
him in
. A piece of meat from each slaughtered animal was ordered to be cooked in a pot and
from which both men ate, and drank the soup.
Then the Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him) mounted his she-camel and returned to the House
where he observed the noon prayer at Makkah and there he came upon the children of ‘Abdul
Muttalib were supplying drinking water to people at Zamzam Well. “Draw up water, children of
‘Abdul Muttalib, I would draw up with you if I were not afraid that people would appropriate this
honour after me.” They handed him a pail of water and he drank to his fill.
At the daytime of the tenth of Dhul-Hijjah on the Slaughtering Day (
Yaum An-Nahr
) The Prophet
(Peace be upon him) delivered another speech. That was at high time morning, while he was
mounting a grey mule. ‘Ali conveyed his statements to the people, who were standing or sitting.
He repeated some of the statements that he had previously said the day before. The two Sheikh
(Bukhâri and Muslim) reported a version narrated by Abi Bakrah who said:
The Prophet (Peace be upon him) made a s peech on
Yaum An-Nahr
(day of slaughtering)
and said:
“Time has grown similar in form and state to the time when Allâh created the
heavens and the earth. A year is twelve months. Four of which are Sacred Months
). Three of the four months are successive. They are Dhul-Qa‘dah, Dhul-
Hijjah, and Al-Muharram. The fourth Month is Rajab Mudar, which comes between
Jumada and Sha‘ban.”
“What month is this month?” He asked. We said: “Allâh and His Messenger know
best of all.” He kept silent for a while till we thought he would attach to it a different
appellation. “Is it not Dhul-Hijjah?” He wondered. “Yes. It is.” We said. Then he
asked, “What is this town called?” We said: “Allâh and His Messenger know best of
all.” He was silent for a while till we thought he would give it a different name. “Is it
(i.e. the town)” asked he. “Yes. It is.” We replied. Then he asked
again, “What day is it today?” We replied: “Allâh and His Messenger know best of
all.” Then he kept silent for a while and said wondering: “Is it not ‘
’ (i.e.
slaughtering) Day?” “Yes. It is.” Said we. Then he said:
“(Shedding) the blood of one another and eating or taking one another’s provisions
(unwillingly) and your honour are all inviolable (
). It is unlawful to violate
their holiness. They must be as sacred to one another as this sacred day, in this
sacred month, in this sacred town.”
“You will go back to be resurrected (after death) to your Lord. There you will be
accounted for your deeds. So do not turn into people who go astray and kill one
“Have I not delivered the Message (of my Lord)?” “Yes you have.” Said they. “O
Allâh! Bear witness! Let him that is present convey it unto him who is absent. For
haply, many people to whom the Message is conveyed may be more mindful of it
than the audience,.” said he.
In another version it is said that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) had said in that very speech:
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