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besides some grey hairs at his temples.” In another version: “and some scattered w hite hairs in his
Abu Juhaifa said: “I have seen some grey colour under his lower lip.” Al-Bara’ said: “He was of
medium height, broad-shouldered, his hair went up to his earlobes. I saw him dressed in a red
garment and I (assure you) I have never seen someone more handsome. At first he used to let his
hair loose so as to be in compliance with the people of the Book; but later on he used to part it.”
Al-Bara’ also said: “He had the most handsome face and the best character.” When he was asked:
“Was the Messenger’s face sword-like?” “No,” he said: “it was moon-like.” But in another version: he
said, “His face was round.” Ar-Rabi‘ bint Muawwidh said: “Had you seen him, you would have felt
that the sun was shining.” Jabir bin Samurah said, “I saw him at one full-moony night. I looked at
him. He was dressed in a red garment. I compared him with the moon and found that — for me—
he was better than the moon.”
Abu Huraira said: “I have never seen a thing nicer than the Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon
him). It seems as if the sunlight were moving within his face. I have never seen one who is faster in
pace than the Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him). It seemed as if the earth had folded itself up
to shorten the distance for him. For we used to wear ourselves out while he was at full ease.”
Ka‘b bin Malik said: “When he was pleased, his face would shine with so bright light that you would
believe that it was a moon-piece.” Once he sweated hot at ‘Aishah’s, and the features of his face
twinkled; so I recited a poem by Abu Kabeer Al-Hudhali:
“If you watch his face-features, you will see them twinkling like the lightning of an
approaching rain.”
Whenever Abu Bakr saw him he would say:
“He is faithful, chosen (by Allâh), and calls for forgiveness. He shines like a full-moon light
when it is far from dark (clouds).”
‘Umar used to recite verses by Zuhair describing Haram bin Sinan:
“Were you other than a human being, you would be a lighted moon at a full-moon night.”
Then he would add: “Thus was the Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him) .
When he got angry his face would go so red that you would think it were “an inflected red skin-spot
with pomegranate grains on both cheeks.”
Jabir bin Samurah said: “His legs were gentle, delicate and in conformity. His laughter is no more
than smiling. Looking at him will make you say ‘He is black-eyed though he is not so.’”
Ibn Al-‘Abbas said: “His two front teeth were splitted so whenever he speaks, light goes through
them. His neck was as pure and silvery as a neck of doll. His eyelids were long haired but his beard
was thick. His forehead was broad; but his eyebrows were like the metal piece attached to a lance,
but they were unhorned. His nose was high-tipped, middle-cambered with narrow nostrils. His
cheeks were plain, but he had (little hair) running down like a rod from his throat to his navel. He
had hair neither on his abdomen nor on his chest except some on his arms and shoulders. His chest
was broad and flatted. He had long forearms with expansivepalms of the hand. His legs were plain
straight and stretching down. His other limbs were straight too. The two hollows of his soles hardly
touch the ground. When he walks away he vanishes soon; but he walks at ease (when he is not in a
hurry). The way he walks seems similar to one who is leaning forwards and is about to fall down.”
Anas said: “I have never touched silk or a silky garment softer than the palm of the Prophet’s
(Peace be upon him); nor have I smelt a perfume or any scent nicer than his.” Inanother version, “I
have never smelt ambergris nor musk nor any other thing sweeter than the scent and the smell of
the Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him).”
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