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“When you see a person seeking an object earnestly, assist him to get his need. And
never ask for a reward except from the reward-Giver, i.e. Allâh.”
Kharijah bin Zaid said: “The Prophet (Peace be upon him) was the most honoured among the people
with whom he sat. His limbs could hardly be seen. He was often silent and rarely talked when
speech was not a necessity. He turned away from those whose speech was rude or impolite. His
laughter was no more than a smile. His speech, which was decisive, it was neither excessive nor
incomplete. Out of reverence and esteem and following the example of their Prophet (Peace be upon
him), the Companions’ laughter at his presence — was smiling, as well.”
On the whole the Prophet (Peace be upon him) was ornamented with peerless attributes of
perfection. No wonder to be like that for he was brought up, educated and taught (the Qur’ân) by
Allâh. He was even praised by Allâh:
“And verily, you [O Muhammad (Peace be upon him) ] are on an exalted standard of
character.” [68:4]
Those were the attributes and qualities that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) enjoyed which made
the hearts of souls of the people close to him, draw near to him and love him. Those traits made
him so popular that the restraint and enmity of his people grew less and they started to embrace
Islam in large crowds.
This description is in fact no more than a rapid review or rather short brief lines of Muhammad’s
(Peace be upon him) aspects of full perfection. Trying to encompass the whole perfect picture of the
Prophet (Peace be upon him). No one can ever claim to be possessed of full knowledge or complete
mastery of the great attributes of the greatest man in this universe. No one can ever give this man,
the top of perfection, his due descrpition. He was a man who always sought Allâh’s light, to such an
extent that he was wholly imbued with the Qur’ânic approach.
O Allâh! send your blessings (and the Holy Words of Yours) upon Muhammad and the
family of Muhammad, as You have send blessings upon Ibrâhim and the family of Ibrâhim.
You are worthy of all praise, All Glorious.
O Allâh! bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad as You have already blessed
Ibrâhim and the family of Ibrâhim. You are worthy of all praise, All Glorious.
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