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The constituents of the call to Islam could, briefly speaking, go as follows:
1. Testimony to the Oneness of Allâh.
2. Belief in the Hereafter.
3. Sanctifying one’s soul and elevating it high above evils and abominations that conduce to
terrible consequences, besides this, there is the dire need for virtues and perfect manners
coupled with habituating oneself to righteous deeds.
4. Committing one’s all affairs to Allâh, the All-High.
5. All the foregoing should run as a natural corollary to unwavering belief in Muhammad’s
Message, and abidance by his noble leadership and righteous guidance.
The verses have been prefaced, in the voice of the Most High, by a heavenly call mandating the
Prophet (Peace be upon him) to undertake this daunting responsibility (calling people unto Allâh).
The verses meant to extract him forcibly out of his sleep, divest him of his mantle and detach him
from the warmth and quiet of life, and then drive him down a new course attended with countless
hardships, and requiring a great deal of strife in the way of Allâh:
“O you [Muhammad (Peace be upon him) ] enveloped (in garments)! Arise and warn.”
Suggesting that to live to oneself is quite easy, but it has been decided that you have to shoulder
this heavy burden; consequently sleep, comfort, or warm bed are items decreed to be alien in your
lexicon of life. O Muhammad, arise quickly for the strife and toil awaiting you; no time is there for
sleep and such amenities; grave responsibilities have been Divinely determined to fall to your lot,
and drive you into the turmoil of life to develop a new sort of precarious affinity with the conscience
of people and the reality of life.
The Prophet (Peace be upon him) managed quite successfully to rise to his feet and measure up to
the new task, he went ahead in a spirit of complete selflessness, relentlessly striving and never
abating in carrying the burden of the great Trust, the burden of enlightening mankind, and the
heavy weight of the new faith and strife for over twenty years, nothing distracting his attention from
the awcommission. May Allâh reward him, for us and all humanity, the best ending. The following
research at hand gives an account in miniature of his long strive and uninterrupted struggle he
made after receiving the ministry of Messengership.
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