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'Utaibah bin Abi Lahab once approached the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and most defiantly and
brazenly shouted at him, "I disbelieve in: "By the star when it goes down." [53:1] and in "Then he
(Gabriel) approached and came closer." [53:8] In other words: "I do not believe in any of the
Qur'ân." He then started to deal highhandedly with Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and laid violent
hand on him, tore his shirt and spat into his face but his saliva missed the Holy face of the Prophet
(Peace be upon him). Thereupon, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) invoked Allâh's wrath on
'Utaibah and supplicated:
"O Allâh! Set one of Your dogs on him."
Allâh responded positively to Muhammad's supplication, and it happened in the following manner:
Once 'Utaibah with some of his compatriots from Quraish set out for Syria and took accommodation
in Az - Zarqa'. There a lion approached the group to the great fear of 'Utbah, who at once recalled
Muhammad's words in supplication, and said: "Woe to my brother! This lion will surely devour me
just as Muhammad (Peace be upon him) supplicated. He has really killed me in Syria while he is in
Makkah." The lion did really rush like lightning, snatched 'Utbah from amongst his people and
crushed his head.
It is also reported that a wretched idolater from Quraish, named 'Uqbah bin 'Abi Mu'ait once trod on
the Prophet's neck while he was prostrating himself in prayer until his eyes protruded.
More details reported by Ibn Ishaq testify to the tyrants' deeply-established intentions of killing the
Prophet (Peace be upon him). Abu Jahl, the archenemy of Islam, once addressed some of his
accomplices: "O people of Quraish! It seems that Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is determined to
go on finding fault with our religion, degrading our forefathers, discrediting our way of life and
abusing our gods. I bear witness to our god that I will carry a too heavy rock and drop it on
Muhammad's head while he is in prostration to rid you of him, once and for all. I am not afraid of
whatever his sept, Banu 'Abd Munaf, might do." The terrible unfortunate audience endorsed his plan
and encouraged him to translate it into a decisive deed.
In the morning of the following day, Abu Jahl lay waiting for the arrival of the Messenger of Allâh
(Peace be upon him) to offer prayer. The people of Quraish were in their assembly rooms waiting for
news. When the Prophet (Peace be upon him) prostrated himself, Abu Jahl proceeded carrying the
big rock to fulfill his wicked intention. No sooner had he approached closer to the Prophet (Peace be
upon him) than he withdraw pale-faced, shuddering with his hands strained the rock falling off.
Thereupon, the people watching hurried forward asking him what the matter was. He replied: "When
I approached, a male-camel unusual in figure with fearful canines intercepted and almost devoured
me." Ibn Ishaq reported that the Prophet (Peace be upon him), in the context of his comment on
the incident, said "It was Gabriel (Peace be upon him) , if Abu Jahl had approached closer, he would
have killed him. " Even so the tyrants of Quraishwould not be admonished, contrariwise, the idea of
killing the Prophet (Peace be upon him) was still being nourished in their iniquitous hearts. On the
authority of 'Abdullah bin 'Amr bin Al-'As, some people of Quraish were in a place called Al-Hijr
complaining that they had been too patient with the Prophet (Peace be upon him), who suddenly
appeared and began his usual circumambulation. They started to wink at him and utter sarcastic
remarks but he remained silent for two times, then on the third, he stopped and addressed the
infidels saying:
"O people of Quraish! Hearken, I swear by Allâh in Whose Hand is my soul, that you will one
day be slaughtered to pieces." As soon as the Prophet (Peace be upon him) uttered his word
of slaughter, they all stood aghast and switched off to a new style of language smacking of
fear and even horror trying to soothe his anger and comfort him saying: "You can leave Abul
Qasim, for you have never been foolish."
'Urwa bin Az-Zubair narrated: I asked Abdullah bin 'Amr bin Al-'As to tell me of the worst thing that
the pagans did to the Prophet (Peace be upon him). He said: "While the Prophet (Peace be upon
him) was praying in Al-Hijr of Al-Ka'bah, 'Uqbah bin Al-Mu'ait came and put his garment around the
Prophet's neck and throttled him violently. Abu Bakr came and caught him by his shoulder and
pushed him away from the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and said: "Do you want to kill a man just
because he says, My Lord is Allâh?"
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