Page 63 - Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum

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Khabbab bin Al-Aratt once urged the Messenger to call upon Allâh to shield him against the
adversities he was suffering at the hand of the polytheists. The Prophet’s face reddened and
he remarked that the true believer must not precipitate things, it was incumbent upon a
believer to undergo all the odds of life as much as he could, fearing nobody except Allâh
until the religion was established, which would surely happen. The Prophet (Peace be upon
him) in this regard, referred to the perseverance that the Muslims had to show and the
hardships they had to undergo in order to establish the land of Islam where peace and
security would prevail all over it.
Glad tidings of better prospects for Islam and the Muslims were not confined to
Muhammad’s followers, in fact they were being disclosed time and again to both believers
and disbelievers. Whenever the two parties met, the latter would jeer at the former and
mockingly say “Here are the sovereigns of earth who will defeat Chosroes and Caesar.” But
the believers, in anticipation of that shining and Godly-orientated future, would always
persevere and tolerate all sorts of persecution and humiliation regarding them as summer
clouds that would soon clear away.
The Prophet (Peace be upon him), on his part, would always maintain and sustain his
followers’ souls with the light of belief, sanctify them through inculcating the Qur’ânic
wisdom in their hearts and cultivate their minds deeply with the spirit of Islam that would
elevate them to a state of noble spirituality, pure heartedness and an absolute degree of
freedom from the yoke of materialism, a h igh morale powerful enough to resist worldly lusts
and consequently lead them from darkness to light. He would constantly teach them to be
tolerant, forgiving and overpowering over their selves in order to get well established in
their religion, disdain lust, and devote themselves to attaining the Pleasure of Allâh,
yearning for the Garden (Paradise), enthusiasm in sciences relating to their faith, calling
themselves to account, subordinating fleeing whims, holding under firm control all rage-
provoking incidents and finally observing sobriety, patience and gravity.
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