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The Madinese always heard the Jews say that a Prophet was about to rise, for the time for a new
dispensation had arrived. Him they would follow and then smite their enemies as the children of ‘Ad
and Iram had been smitten.
“Of what tribe are you?” asked the Prophet. “Of the tribe of Khazraj,” they replied. “Are you the
allies of the Jews?” The Prophet enquired. They said: “Yes.” “Then why not sit down for a little and I
will speak to you.” The offer was readily accepted for the fame of Muhammad (Peace be upon him)
had spread to Madinah and the strangers were curious to see more of the man who had created a
stir in the whole area. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) presented to them an expose of Islam,
explained its implications, and the responsibilities that fell upon the men who accepted it. When the
Prophet (Peace be upon him) concluded his talk, they exchanged among themselves ideas to the
following effect: “Know surely, this is the Prophet with whom the Jews are ever threatening us;
wherefore let us make haste and be the first to join him.”
They, therefore, embraced Islam, and said to the Prophet, “We have left our community for no tribe
is so divided by hatred and rancour as they are. Allâh may cement our ties through you. So let us go
and invite them to this religion of yours; and if Allâh unites them in it, no man will be dearer than
The handful of Madinese converts remained steady to the cause and they preached the Islam with
full zeal and devotion with the result that they succeeded in winning adherents for Islam from
amongst their fellow citizens and hardly was there a house in Madinah not talking curiously and
enthusiastically about the Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him).
MARRIAGE OF THE PROPHET (Peace be upon him) to ‘Aishah (May Allah be pleased her):
In Shawwal of the same year, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) concluded a marriage contract with
‘Aishah (May Allah be pleased with her) ‘
the truth verifier
’, when she was six of age and
consummated his marriage with her in Shawwal, the year 1 A.H. in Madinah when she was nine.
(The Miraculous Night Journey from Makkah to the Farthest Mosque in
Jerusalem, and the Ascent through the Spheres of Heavens)
The last days of the Makkan phase of the Prophet’s life are noted for alternate fortunes ranging
between two extremes: gradual success and continual persecution. However, glimpses of propitious
lights were looming on the distant horizon, to ultimately materialize in the event of the Prophet’s
Night Journey to Jerusalem and then Ascension through the spheres of the heavens.
As for its exact date, it is still controversial and no common consent has been reached. However, the
majority of jurists is in favour of a date between 16-12 months prior to migration to Madinah. The
following is a epitome of the details of that miraculous event narrated on the authority of Ibn Al-
The Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him) was carried in body from the Sacred Mosque in Makkah
to the Distant Mosque in Jerusalem on a horse called Al-Buraq in the company of Gabriel, the
archangel. There he alighted, tethered the horse to a ring in the gate of the Mosque and led the
Prophets in prayer. After that Gabriel took him to the heavens on the same horse. When they
reached the first heaven Gabriel asked the guardian angel to open the door of heaven. It was
opened and he saw Adam, the progenitor of mankind. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) saluted him
and the other welcomed him and expressed his faith in Muhammad’s Prophethood. He saw the souls
of martyrs on his right and those of the wretched on his left.
Gabriel then ascended with the Prophet to the second heaven, asked for opening the gate and there
he saw and saluted John, son of Zachariya (Yahya bin Zakariya) and Jesus, son of Mary. They
returned the salutation, welcomed him and expressed their faith in his Prophethood. Then they
reached the third heaven where they saw Joseph (Yusuf) and saluted him. The latter welcomed the
Prophet and expressed faith in his Prophethood. The Prophet, in the company of Gabriel, then
reached the fourth heaven where he met the Prophet (Idris) and saluted him. Prophet Enoch
returned the salutation and expressed faith in his Prophethood. Then he was carried to the fifth
heaven where he met the Prophet Aaron (Harun) and saluted him. The latter returned the salutation
and expressed faith in his Prophethood. In the sixth heaven he met Moses (Musa) and saluted him.
The latter returned the salutation and expressed faith in his Prophethood. Muhammad (Peace be
upon him) on leaving, saw that Moses began to weep. He asked about the reason. Moses answered
that he was weeping because he witnessed a man sent after him as a Messenger (Muhammad) who
was able to lead more of his people to the Paradise than he himself did. Then Prophet Muhammad
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