Page 95 - Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum

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that skirmish with the polytheists dealt a heavy blow to the pride of Quraish and created a sort of
horrible restlessness amongst them.
The aforementioned Qur’ânic verses, enjoining the Muslims to strive in the cause of Allâh, betrayed
the proximity of blood clashes that would be crowned by a decisive victory for the Muslims, and final
expulsion of polytheists out of the Sacred City, Makkah. They referred to rules pertinent to the
treatment of captives and slaughtering the pagan soldiers till the war ended and laid down its
burdens. All of these could act as clues to a final triumph that would envelop the strife of the
Muslims towards their noble objectives.
Another event of great significance featured the same month Sha‘ban 2 A.H., i.e. February 624
A.D., which was a Divine injunction ordering that
be changed from Jerusalem to the
Sacred Mosque in Makkah. That was of a great advantage to the Muslims at two levels. First, it
brought about a kind of social sifting, so to speak, in terms of the hypocrites of the Jews and others
weak at heart, and revealed their true nature and inclinations; the ranks of the Muslims were
thereby purged from those discord-prone elements. Second, facing a new
, the Sacred
Mosque in Makkah, refers gently to a new role awaiting the Muslims to take up, and would start only
after the repatriation of the Muslims to their Sacred City, Makkah for it is not logical for the Muslims
to leave their
at the mercy of non-Muslims.
The Muslims, therefore, at the behest of Allâh and on account of those Divine clues, augmented
their activities and their tendency towards striving in the cause of Allâh and encountering His
enemies in a decisive battle were greatly intensified.
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