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guise of Suraqa bin Malik bin Ju‘sham Al-Mudlaji — chief of Bani Kinana — saying to them: “I
guarantee that no harm will happen from behind.”
They set out burning with indignation, motivated by a horrible desire for revenge and exterminating
anyone that might jeopardize the routes of their caravans:
“…boastfully and to be seen of men, and hinder (men) from the path of Allâh. ” [8:47]
Or as the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said:
“O Allâh these are the haughty and conceited; they have come defying Allâh and defying
His Messenger.”
They moved swiftly northward to Badr. On the way they received another message from Abu Sufyan
asking them to go back home because the caravan had escaped the Muslims. Incidentally, Abu
Sufyan, on learning the intention of the Muslims, led his caravan off the main route, and inclined it
towards the Red Sea. By this manoeuvre, he was able to slip past the Madinese ambush and was
out of their reach.
On receiving Abu Sufyan’s message, the Makkan army showed a desire to return home. The tyrant
Abu Jahl, however haughtily and arrogantly insisted that they proceed to Badr, stay three nights
there for making festivities. Now they wanted to punish the Muslims and prevent them from
intercepting their caravans, and impress on the Arabs that Quraish still had the upper hand and
enjoyed supremacy in that area.
Abu Jahl’s threats and insistence notwithstanding, Banu Zahrah, acting on the advice of Al-Akhnas
bin Shuraiq, broke away and returned to Makkah. Thenceforth Al-Akhnas remained ‘the well-rubbed
palm tree’ for Bani Zahrah and was blindly obeyed in all relevant matters.
Banu Hashim were also inclined to break away, but Abu Jahl’s threats made them desist from that
The rest of the army, now 1000 soldiers, approached Badr and encamped themselves beyond a sand
dune at Al-‘Udwat Al-Quswa.
‘The intelligence corps’ of the Madinese army reported to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) that a
bloody encounter with the Makkans was inescapable, and that a daring step in this context had to
be taken, or else the forces of evil would violate the inviolable and would consequently manage to
undermine the noble cause of the Islam and tread upon its faithful adherents. The Muslims were
afraid that the pagan Makkans would march on and start the war activities within the headquarters
of Islam, Madinah. A move of such nature would certainly damage and produce an infamous impact
on the dignity and stance of the Muslims.
On account of the new grave developments, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) held an advisory
military emergency meeting to review the ongoing situation and exchange viewpoints with the army
leaders. Admittedly, some Muslims feared the horrible encounter and their courage began to waver;
in this regard, Allâh says:
“As your Lord caused you (O Muhammad [Peace be upon him) ] to go out from your home
with the Truth, and verily, a party among the believers disliked it, disputing with you
concerning the Truth after it was made manifest, as if they were being driven to death while
they were looking (at it).” [8:5, 6]
The Prophet (Peace b e upon him) apprised his men of the gravity of the situation and asked for their
advice. Abu Bakr was the first who spoke on the occasion and assured the Prophet (Peace be upon
him) of the unreserved obedience to his command. ‘Umar was the next to stand up and supported
the views expressed by his noble friend. Then Al-Miqdad bin ‘Amr got up and said: “O Messenger of
Allâh! Proceed where Allâh directs you to, for we are with you. We will not say as the Children of
Israel said to Moses (Peace be upon him):
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