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ناحبس ﷲ
(Glory be to Allah)
(Praise be to Allah)
لاا هلا لا ﷲ
'La ilaha illallah'
(There is no god but Allah)
'Allahu Akbar'
(God is the Greatest)
There is no difference in which order you say them (while remembering Allah)." (M)
Once the Prophet (S) left to pray Fajr Salat from (his wife's home) while she was
offering prayer. When he (S) returned after Ishraq prayer, she was still sitting on her
prayer carpet. On this he (S) said to her: "Have you been continuously sitting in the
same place since I left you?" She replied, "Yes." Thereupon he (S) said: "After I left you,
I have recited four sentences three times; and if they could be measured against what
you have recited since morning they would prove weightier. These four sentences are:
هقلخ ددع هدمحبو ﷲ ناحبس
هسفن اضرو
هشرع ةنزو
"Subhanal lahi wa bi ham-di-hi ada-da Khal-qihi wa rida'a naf-sihi wa zina-ta
'ar-shi-hi wa mida-da Kale-mate-hi."
(Glory be to Allah and praise is due to Him, according to the number of His creation and
according to His pleasure and corresponding to the weight of His Throne and as much as
the ink [used in recording] His words). (M)
"Whoever says,
هل كيرش لا هدحو ﷲ لاا هلا لا
ءيش لك ىلع وھو دمحلا هلو كلملا هل