Page 102 - Taleemul Haq New Edition

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'La illaha illallah, wah-dahu la sharika lah, Lahul-mulku wa lahul hamd, wa
huwa 'ala Kul-li shayin Qadeer.'
(There is no god but Allah, alone, without any partner. The Kingdom and praise belong
to Him and He has power over everything.)
100 times a day, will have a recompense equal to that of freeing ten slaves. Also, 100
good actions are written for him, 100 wrong actions are erased from him, and it is a
protection from Satan for that day until the night. No one does anything more excellent
than someone who does more than that." (B & M)
"Is one amongst you powerless to get one thousand virtues every day?" Amongst those
who had been sitting there, one asked, 'How can one amongst us get one thousand
virtues every day?' He (S) said, "Say:
ناحبس ﷲ
'Subhan Allah'
(Glory be Allah)
100 times. For (by reciting them), one thousand virtues are recorded (to your credit)
and one thousand vices are blotted out." (M)
"Shall I tell you a sentence which is one of the treasures of Paradise?" I said, 'Yes,
Messenger of Allah!' He said, "It is,
لاا ةوق لاو لوح لا
'La Haula wala Quwwata il-la bil-lah.'
(There is neither strength nor power except with Allah)." (B&M)
"He who says,
هيلع ﷲ ىلص دمحمبو انيد ملاسلاابو ابر Ϳاب تيضر
'Raditu bil-lahi rabban wabil-islami dinan wabi-Muhammadin nabiyyan salalahi
aleihe weselem.'
(I am pleased with Allah as a God, and Islam as a religion, and Muhammad (S) as a