Page 103 - Taleemul Haq New Edition

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paradise is his." (AD)
"He who says
ﷲ ناحبس
'Subhan Allah Wa Bihamdih'
(Holy is Allah and to Him belongs all praise)
a date tree is planted for him in Paradise." (T)
Upon Going to Sleep and Waking Up
When the Prophet (S) went to bed at night, he would put his hand under his cheek and
then say,
كمسب مھللا
'Allahumma bismeka amootu wa ahiya'
(O Allah, with Your Name I die and live).
When he (S) got up, he would say,
هيلاو انتاما امدعب انايحا يذللا Ϳ دمحلا
'Alhamdu lil lahillathi ahyaana baada ma amatana wa ilaihin-nushoor'
(All thanks and praise to Allah Who has given us life after causing us to die (i.e. sleep),
and unto Him is the Resurrection). (B)
Upon Completing Ablution
"If anyone amongst you performs the ablution and upon completing it says,
ادمحم نأ دھشأو هل كيرشلا هدحو ﷲ لاإ هلإلا نا دھشا