Page 120 - Taleemul Haq New Edition

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اذھ انرفس انيلع
ةدعب انع وطاو
صلا تنا مھللا
يف بحا
يف ةفيلخلاو
لاملا يف بلقنملا ءوسو رظنملا ةباكو رفسلا ءاثعو نم كب ذوعا ينا مھللا
دلولاو لھلااو
'Allahumma haw-win alaina safar rana hatha watwee anna bodahu, Allahumma
anntas sahibu fis safari wal khalifatu fil ahli, Allahumma inni aoothubika min-
wa-sa-issafari wa kabatil manzari wa su-il munqalabi fil mali wal ahli.'
(O Allah, we seek virtue and piety from You on this journey of ours, and the act which
pleases You. O Allah, lighten this journey of ours, and roll up for us the distance thereof.
O Allah, You are (our) companion during the journey, and guardian of (our) family. O
Allah, I seek refuge in You from the hardship of this journey, from beholding a miserable
sight and of evil chances in my wealth, household and my children.)
Supplication for Riding (or Driving)
Whenever the Prophet (S) mounted his camel he said,
مسب ﷲ
(In the name of Allah.)
And when he (S) got on the back of the animal he said:
(Praise be to Allah.)
And then, he (S) said,
ﷲ ربكا ﷲ ربكا ﷲ
'Allahu Akbar' 'Allahu Akbar' 'Allahu Akbar'
(God is Great), (God is Great), (God is Great)
And then he (S) said,
انبر ىلا اناو نينرقم هل انك امواذھ انل رخس يذلا ناحبس
'Subhanalathi Sakharalna Hatha wa maakuna lahu mughrenin, wa ina
ilarabbina lamunqaliboon.'