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Janaza (Prayer over dead body)
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A person on whom the signs of DEATH are clearly seen is called a MUHTADHAR. It is
SUNNAT to let him lie on his RIGHT side facing the QIBLAH. It is permitted that he be
positioned to lie on his BACK with his FEET towards the QIBLAH, and the head slightly
raised with a cushion so that it faces the Qibla. all the bed linen must be PAAK. If
moving the Muhtadhar causes him any discomfort then leave him in any convenient
It is desirable to use LOBAAN, itr or any other aromatics that are Paak in the room.
Anyone who is in the state of Janaabat, Haiz or Nifaas must leave the apartment.
At this time the recitals of Suras YASEEN (starting at the 17th Ruku of the 22nd Para) and
RA'D (beginning at the 6th Ruku of the 13th Para) is recommended. This may be done in
the same room. When one is incapable of reciting the Qur'an, someone else may be
requested to recite these Suras or any other portion of the Qur'an.
TALQEEN is to remind the dying person of the two SHAHADATS, (i.e. Ash hadu alla ilâha
il-lal-laahu was ash hadu Anna Muham-madan Abduhu wa Rasuluhu). When the end nears
the dying person's breath quickens, the knees becomes so weak that they cannot move,
the nose becomes bent and the temples subside. By these signs understand that the
person is nearing the end.
The Talqeen should be read before the dying person takes hits last breaths. The
Muhtadhar must NOT he asked or ORDERED to read the Kalima, but must be helped to
recall it. This can easily he done by reciting the Kalima aloud while being present in the