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expensive cloth in Kafn, because it will very soon decay." It is PERMISSIBLE to prepare one's
Kafn during one's lifetime. This will avoid last minute rush and inconvenience.
The MASNOON Kain for a male is an IZAAR, QAMEES and LIFAFAH. The Izaar is this case is a
sheet from the head to the feet, whereas the Ames is a long sheet that has to be folded in half
and an opening cut to allow it to be put on as a shirt. The latter will have no pockets, sleeves or
seams. The Lifafah is a sheet from above the head to below the feet, (see diagrams on page
125) Just TWO, the Izaar and Lifafah will also suffice, but it is SUNNAT to have the THREE. It is
MAKROOH to use less than two without a valid reason.
The MASNOON Kafn for a female consists of an IZAAR, KHIMAAR (Orni), QAMEES, LIFAFAH and
a piece calf material to' hold the breasts (SINABAND). The Khimaar is the Veil. The piece of
material to hold the breasts should preferably be from the breasts to the thighs. Three
garments, i.e..Izaar, Lifafah and Khimaar will suffice, but it is SUNNAT to have FIVE. It is
MAKROOH to use less than THREE, except when it is NOT available. It is the duty of the husband
to bear the burial expenses of the wife. The Kafn could be smoked with LOBAAN, etc. but NOT
scented with Itr. Children's Kafn should be cut to appropriate size.