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10.One clean sheet to cover during Ghusl and one to cover before after Ghusl.
11.One clean towel or a piece of material for drying the corpse.
The Ghusl is the bath for the body of the dead person. An adult male should he bathed by his
FATHER, SON or BROTHER. An adult female by her MOTHER, DAUGHTER or SISTER. If none of
these persons are present then any near relative could carry out this duty (male for male and
female for female). If any of these are not in the position to perform the Ghusl then the most
pious person present should be requested to carry out this rite. The person giving the Ghusl
should be assisted by others. The person performing the Ghusl must himself or herself be Paak
and in a state of Wudhu. It is MAKROOH for a woman who is MENSTRUATING or in a state or
NIFAAS (period after birth of a child) to perform the Ghusl.
If a MALE passes away and there are NO MALES to bathe him then no other woman
besides his WIFE is permitted to carry out the Ghusl.
In the case of a WOMAN if there are no LADIES to perform the GHUSL the HUSBAND
CANNOT perform the Ghusl of his WIFE)
In both instance TAYAMMUM should be performed. The Tayammum for Ghusl is the same
as that for Wudhu.
A CHILD who has NOT reached the age (Male or Female) may be given Ghusl by any adult
male or female if a member of the same sex is not available.
A bench, stand or platform on which the Ghusl will be carried out must be washed,
cleaned and fumigated with Lobaan or any other Paak aromatic, three, five or seven
During GHUSL, it is PERMISSIBLE to place the body in one of the following positions :