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Recite Surah YASEEN. In a Hadith it is reported that if a person recites Surah YASEEN in
the Qabrastaan, the punishment of the dead will be eased, and the reciter will be
rewarded just as much as the dead.
In this manner the Sahaabah of Rasulullah (S.A.W.) visited the Qabrastaan. The words in
the Hadith indicate only salutations and Duaas for the dead and remembering death. All
other way; such as placing wreaths, flowers, paying homage, etc., are INCORRECT
according to the SHARI'AT. One should thus abstain from acting wrongly.
The period of WAITING after one's HUSBAND dies, is called IDDAT. This period is of FOUR
months and TEN days.
During this period she should remain in the dwelling that they occupied at the time of the
death of her husband. She is NOT allowed to leave this house if she has sufficient
provision. If she is the sole bread winner with no other means of income, then only is she
permitted to leave her house during the day. At night she should return to his house.
The widow that is expecting a child at the time of the death of her husband, her Iddat will
be until the birth of that child. The four month and ten days should NOT be reckoned in
this instance.
If a woman is NOT at home at the time of her husband's death, she should return as soon
as possible and pass the period of Iddat at home. The days of Iddat will be calculated
from the time of the demise.