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It is allowed for a person who performs Qurbani (Wajib or Natal), to either eat the flesh or
to give it to whomsoever he pleases, rich or poor, Muslim or non-Muslim.
It is preferable that the meat be divided into three parts. One part for the home, one part
for relatives and friends and one part for the poor and needy.
The meat or skin cannot be given to an employee or to a butcher in payment of his labor.
It may be given to them as a gift.
The skin of the Qurbani could be kept for one's personal use or could be given to anybody
else for their personal use. It could be used as a water bag, Musalla, etc.
The Qurbani skin cannot be given in lieu of any type of services. Thus, the skin cannot be
given to an Imam or Mu'azzin in lieu of their services.
If the skin is sold, the amount received for it cannot be used by oneself. It Is Wajib to
give it away as Sadaqah (charity) to the poor and needy.
It is not permissible for one to eat the meat of the following types of Qurbani:
Qurbani that is made as a Kaffarah for a Jinaayat (error) committed during Haj.
Qurbani performed for a deceased person due to his Wasiyyat, i.e. his instruction
before his death.
Qurbani performed due to a Nazar (vow) one had made.
The meat of the above-mentioned types of Qurbani has to be distributed to the
poor and needy ONLY.
The meat of Nafil (voluntary) Qurbani which one had made for the deceased, can be eaten
by all, similar to one's own Qurbani
If more than one person participates in the Qurbani of an animal that has seven shares
and each share-holder requests for his share of the meat, then it is necessary that the
meat be distributed equally, by weight. If one person's share is more than the others, it
will not be permissible as this will become interest.
10.If one person's share of meat is less than the others, but with the meat, he is given the
skin or the head or legs of the animal, it will now be permissible. Great care should be
taken in order to distribute the meat EQUALLY.
It is Mustahab (preferable) that the person, to whom the Qurbani animal belongs,
slaughters it personally, provided he is able to slaughter properly.
If the owner is unable to slaughter, it is better to delegate the Zabah (slaughter)
(slaughter) to another Muslim who is acquainted with the requirements of proper Islamic
Zabah (slaughter).
A Muslim woman, who knows how to make Zabah (slaughter), is also permitted to
If the Zabah (slaughter) has been delegated, it is desirable that the person, for whom the
Qurbani is being made, be present.
The Islamic Zabah (slaughter) requires that the throat, the external jugular veins and the
wind-pipe of the animal to be swiftly and clearly severed with a very sharp knife, together
with the recital of BISMILLAHI AI.LAHU AKBAR.
If only two of the passages and veins are cut, the Zabah (slaughter) will be incorrect. Yes,
if any three of the four are cut, the Zabah will be in order.
It is Mustahab (preferable) to face the Qibla while slaughtering.