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camel) is used for Aqeeqa, then two shares will be taken for a male and one for a
female. The hair of the head is then shaved. Silver, equal to the weight of the shaved
hair, is also given in charity. However, this is not compulsory.
MAS'ALAH No. 3: Aqeeqa is performed on the seventh day of the birth of a child. If not
done on the seventh day, then, whenever it is done, it should be the seventh day, e.g. if
the child was born on a Friday, then Aqueeqa should he performed on the following
Thursday (the 7th day after birth). If it is not performed on this Thursday, then any
other Thursday.
MAS'ALAH No. 4: That animal, which is not permissible for Qurbani, is also not
permissible for Aqeeqa. Requirements for the animals of Qurbani and Aqeeqa are the
MAS'ALAH No. 5: It is permissible to distribute the meat of an animal of Aqeeqa raw or
cooked, and can also be served to guests.
MAS'ALAH No. 6: If one does not possess sufficient money, then it is permissible for
such a person to sacrifice only one goat for a male child. There is no harm if Aqeeqa is
not performed provided one does not have the means for Aqeeqa.
MAS'ALAH No. 7: Before sacrificing the animal (for Aqeeqa), the following Du'aa may he
Which means "O' Allah I sacrifice this animal in Thy name as a sadqa for my child in
substitution blood for blood, flesh for flesh, bones for bones, skin for skin and hair for
hair. O' Allah accept this sacrifice for the protection of my child from Hell.
If the Aqeeqa is for girl then in place of and mention the name of the child boy or girl at
this point.
Du’aa for slaughtering: Lay the throat of the animal towards the Qibla and recite: