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Thereafter one should engage himself in making Du’aa (supplication) for this is a place
where Du'aas is accepted.
If a Farz, Wajib or Sunnah Mu'akkadah ~Salat has still to be performed, then this should
be completed before commencing the Tawaf.
Before commencing the Tawaf, make Idtibaa, i.e. the covering of the body in a manner
that the left shoulder, left arm and back are covered and the right arm entirely exposed.
Discontinue with the Idtibaa after the Tawaf has been completed.
The two Raka’ats Wajib Salat should NOT be performed with the arm exposed (i.e. with
After Idtibaa face the Ka’bah in a manner that the entire Hajar Aswad remains on your
right and the left shoulder towards Rukne Yamani.
Stand as close as possible to the Hajar Aswad.
Now say the Niyyah, which is Wajib
(O Allah, I intend performing Tawaf around Your sacred house, seven circuits for Allah,
who is Mighty and Dignified, hence render it easy for me and accept from me.)
Move sideways to your right, towards the Hajar Aswad (with the face and chest towards
the Ka’bah until in line with (squarely opposite) the Hajar Aswarm. This is Mustahab. It
this is difficult, say the Niyyah while standing in the line with the Hajar Aswad
(diametrically opposite).
When squarely opposite the Hajar Aswad, raise both the hands to the ears (as one does
when beginning Salat). Say while raising the hands.