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Thereafter one should wear one’s best Islamic clothes. Men should also apply `Itr (perfume). If possible one should at
this point donate something in charity. In short one should try to adopt as many Sunan one can before proceeding. One
should intend to continue to adopt these Sunan even after departure.
One should spend as much time as possible in the Masjid. And when there, one should perform I`tikaf. Nafl I`tikaf can
be of any duration.
Remain busy in worship as good deeds in Madinah are equal to 1,000 good deeds elsewhere.
al-Bukhari and Muslim
Perform all Salah with congregation at the Masjid an-Nabawi. As the reward for Salah with congregation is 25/27 times
greater than Salah offered individually.
Nafl Salah should in general be performed as much as possible in the Rawdah. The best times to go are away from Salah
times as there are considerably less people then.
Besides compulsory duties and necessities, the most virtuous act whilst performing Ziyarah is the continuous recitation of
Salawat and Salam. As often as possible recite Salam at the Prophet’s grave. If Salam is not possible by the Sacred
Chamber then it can be said from anywhere within the Masjid. Even if one passes the grave from the outside, convey
Salam before continuing.
Recite Salawat abundantly with complete sincerity and true adoration. Also be sure to perform as many Sunan as
One should avoid all prohibited and undesirable deeds and items. And one should endeavor to do as many good deeds as
Respect and honour all of Madinah’s citizens. Treat them kindly. Even if they may not be willing to return the favour, one
should bear it with patience. Avoid quarrelling and dispute.
Smile in the face of difficulty and hardship. Allow the thought of earning Allah’s and His Prophet’s pleasure stop one’s
If one buys anything in Madinah, buy with the intention of assisting the traders in their livelihood. Such an intention will
reap additional virtue, as long as what is to be brought is appropriate according to Islam.
In Ramadan the Masjid-un-Nabawi is open at night. Some of these doors are open and it is possible to get to the Rawdah
and perform `Ibadah with ease, for as long as one desires (even the whole night long if one wishes). The door facing
Shari’ (road) `Abdul `Aziz is one that is generally open in Ramadan.
Throughout the year, the Masjid is usually closed at night. It does however, open early (approximately 3 A.M.). At this
time one can enter the Masjid and perform one’s `Ibadah with ease. The doors which they open first, vary. One may be
able to find out which one will open first from the guards, by asking them politely.
Try to perform one’s final two rak`ahs in the Rawdah. Thereafter offer one’s farewell Salam to the Prophet (P.B.U.H.).
Thereafter engage in du`a’. One should also spend time reflecting on one’s actions when returning home. This is so that
if one can remember any wrong or inappropriate action one can repent to Allah over it. As one is still a traveller until one
returns home, and that the traveller’s supplications are accepted, one should supplicate for one’s own forgiveness and
also for the forgiveness for the Ummah in general over and over again.
The Prophet’s (P.B.U.H.) Masjid
If possible enter from Bab al-Jibril with the right foot with the intention of Nafl I`tikaf and recite: