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By Hazrat Mufti Mahmud Saheb
(Grand Mufti of Darul Uloom Deoband, India)
Glory be to Allah and Salutations on the Holy Prophet Mohammed, (S.A.W.) Masha-Allah this publication
called ‘Talimul Haq’ has been written on a very good pattern. In it, the basic beliefs, practices, character
and devotional aspects (of a Muslim’s life) have been explained.
If children read, understand and practice accordingly then Insha-Allah their lives can be moulded
according to the Sunnah and they will be safe from ignorance and being led astray.
May Allah reward the writer and accept his service and grant as many people as possible the ability to
have benefit from the publication. Ameen.
(Mufti) Mahmood Saheb. (Grand Mufti of Darul Uloom, Deoband.)
Stanger Natal. South Africa.
18 Ramadaan 1401.
20 July 1981.
By Hazrat Mufti Wali Hassan Saheb
(Mufti Shaikul Hadith of Jamiatul Uloom of Islamia Allama Binnori Town)
Karachi 5, Pakistan
To equip the youth of the Muslim Ummat with religious education and tanning is an important duty and
whosever will take an active part in this field will be entitled to ample reward by Almighty Allah, Insha-
The writer was pleased to note that Shabbir Ahmed Desai Soofi has commenced a very beneficial
publication in Urdu and English called ‘Talimul Haq’ to educate the Muslim children in their beliefs and
practices. The rulings on Wuzu, Nammaz, Fasting etc., have been explained in simple language and have
been derived from Behishti Zewar and Talimul Islam.
I persuaded through the early chapters of the publication and found the rulings correct in accordance with
Islamic Fiqh (Theology). The printing is Nice. There is a great need for such publication in countries like
South Africa.