Page 226 - Taleemul Haq New Edition

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By Maulana Osman K. Kadwa
Principal Madrasa Islamiah, Umzinto, Natal, Republic of South Africa
In every age and era, whenever the character, knowledge and action began to decline and degenerate,
Almightily Allah Ta’aala always inspired some individuals to make an effort for the upliftment of Ummat.
In contemporary times, when generally the Muslim masses show indifference towards the basic
fundamentals of Islam and are disinclined towards religious practices, Almighty Allah guided Hajji Shabbir
Ahmed to publish the simplified, illustrated and easily understood “TALEEMUL HAQ”, under the guidance of
the Ulama.
Unlike other authors (publishers), he has not only undertaken the publishing of this book, but also teaches
By the grace of Allah Ta’aala this book has been accepted by students as well as by the Ulama.
Qari Ismail Desai (son of Hajee Shabbir Ahmed) has checked the references of the different Masaa’il,
Corrected and amended the previous edition and has typesetted the entire book.
Due to the simple language, illustrations, etc, Alhamdulillah many Madras’s here and abroad have included
this Kitaab in their syllabuses.
The blessings and Duaas of the pious have played a vital role in the acceptance of this book. May Allah
Ta’aala accept these valuable efforts of the publisher and reward him immensely in both the words and
make this great work a means of his salivation.
I hope and pray that the Ummah at large will benefit from this valuable contribution. Aameen.
(moulana) Osman Massim Kadwa.
Principal : Madressa Islamiah.
Umzinto, Natal.