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For a MUQEEM (one who is not a traveler - MUSAAFIR) Masah Alal Khuffain is valid for a
period of 24 hours.
For a MUSAAFIR the period permissible is up to 72 hours.
The period of 24 or 72 hours will be reckoned from the time the Wudhu (after which the
Khuffain were put on) breaks, not from the time the Khuffain were put on. For example, a
Muqeem makes Wudhu at 6 p.m. and after completing his Wudhu he puts on Khuffain. At
8 p.m. his Wudhu breaks, twenty-four hours will be reckoned from 8 p.m. Hence, it will be
permissible for him to make Masah Alal Khuffain each time he takes Wudhu until 8 p.m.
the next day.
Upon expiry of 24 hours, Masah Alal Khuffain will no longer be valid. When the period of
(24 hours for the Muqeem and 72 hours for the Musaafir) expires, the KHUFFAIN should
be removed and the FEET washed. It is not necessary to renew the WUDHU.
Draw the fingers of the right hand on the upper surface of the Khuffain starting from the
toes and ending (the Masah) at the foreleg (just above the ankle). The Masah should be
done once only on each sock. The right hand should be used for the right Khuff and the
left hand for the left Khuff.
If the back of the hand was used to make the Masah, it will be valid. However, one should
not unnecessarily depart from the correct .Sunnah method.
It is not permissible to make Masah on the side or at the under surface of the Khuffain. It
is FARDH to make Masah on each sock to the extent of three full fingers, i.e. the full
surface area of three fingers must be drawn from the toes to the foreleg.
The following acts will nullify the Masah which was made on the Khuffain:
1. All things which nullify Wudhu.
2. Removal of the Khuff (sock).
3. The expiry of the period, i.e. 24 hours for the Muqeem and 72 hours for the Musaafir.
If only one sock was removed then, too, it is Wajib to remove the other one and wash
both feet.
Even if only the foreleg is exposed by lowering the Khuff, it will be regarded as if the
whole sock has been removed. It will then be COMPULSORY to remove the Khuffain and
wash both feet.
It is not permissible to make Masah on a Khuff which is torn to such an extent that an
area equal to the size of three small toes is exposed. It is permissible to make Masah on
the sock if it is torn less than this.
If the seam of the Khuff comes loose, but while walking the foot is not exposed, Masah on
such Khuffain will be valid.
If a Muqeem who has made Masah Alal Khuffain goes on a journey before the expiry of 24
hours, then his mash may be extended to 72 hours. His Masah will now be valid for 72
If a Musaafir, who has made Masah Alal Khuffain, returns to his home town then his
Masah will be valid for only 24 hours.
It is permissible to make Masah on ordinary woolen, etc, socks which have been covered
with leather.