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When making the NIYAAT for QAZAA, it is necessary to make Niyyat for the particular
Namaaz missed.
If one has missed a number of Salaat, then one should make Niyyat (intention) thus:
I am performing such and such day's Fajr or Zuhur.
If a person has missed MORE than ONE Fajr or Zuhur, it will not be sufficient to say.
"I am performing Qazaa for Fajr or Zuhr'. One should say: “I am performing such and
such day's Fajr".
If one has missed so many Farz Salaat that one does NOT remember the exact number of
days when the Salaat was missed, then the Niyyat should be made as follows:
"Oh Allah! I am performing the FIRST Fair or the FIRST Zuhr Fare. from those which I
have missed"
Continue doing this until satisfied that all the missed number of Salaat are performed.
In SHARI'AT a person who intends to TRAVEL a distance of 77 kms. (48 miles) or more, is
called a MUSAAFIR.
A person who travels 77 kms. or more and intends to REMAIN at one's destination for
LESS than 15 days, is also a MUSAAFIR.
A Musaafir, who intends remaining at his destination for 15 days or more will only be a
Musaafir during his journey. Once he reaches his destination, he will not be a Musaafir.
A Musaafir should make QASR of the ZOHAR, ASR and ESHA (FARZ only), i.e. one must
perform TWO Farz only i.e. instead of FOUR Rak’aats.
There is no Qasr in the Farz of Fajr and Maghreb. Similarly there is no Qasr of Witr,
Sunnah or Nafl Salaat.
A Musaafir who performs his Namaaz behind a MUQEEM IMAAM, (who is not a Musaafir)
should perform the full four Rak’aats in the Zuhr, Asr and Esha Farz.
If the IMAAM is a Musaafir and muqtadi a Muqeem, the Musaafir Imam should complete
his Namaaz after two Rak’aats and there after he must ask the Muqeem Muqtadis to
complete their Namaaz by saying.
"Complete your Namaaz, I am a Musaafir," The Muqeem Muqtadis should then stand up
and complete the remaining two Rak’aats without reciting Sura Fatiha or any other surah.