3 Days Jamat Activities Tracking Form (Learning Items during 3 days)

Dates _ _ Writename& dates of Brothers or Initialsunder each column

# Brother 1 Brother 2 Brother 3 Brother 4 Brother 5 Brother 6 Brother 7 Brother 8
ActionsNames of Brothers &
Review Kalima Tayyiba Date assigned
Review Iman-e-Mufassel
Review last 10 Suras
Learn 2 suras for new Muslim
Fard of Gusl (one-to-one)
Fard of Wudu (one-to-one)
Fard of Tayamum (one-to-one)
Fard of Salat (one-to-one)
Wajibs of Salat (one-to-one)
Learn 6 points
Learn to make Announcement.
Etiquette of Joulah (visits)
Learn 5 Amals
Learn 3 Tasbih
Read/Learn Quran Daily
Etiquettes of Eating
Etiquettes of Sleeping
Du'as of Masjid
Du'as of Eating
Du'as of Sleeping
Du'as of Bathroom
Du'as of Journey
Qaza (make up) salats
Nafl Salats — Tahajiud, Ishrag..
Traveller's Salat
Salat for Sick
Learn Tashkil
Etiquette of Mashura (consultation)
Etiquette of Talim
Be a Mutakallim
Etiquette of Bayan
Say 6 points before brothers
Read Hadith/Sahaba story
Say 6 points before brothers
Duties of Amir
Why obey Amir?
Collective vs. Individual Amal
Men Jamat (24 Hr activities)
Volunteer for Khidmat
Volunteer for Cleaning
Special Visits

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40 Days Jamat Activities Tracking Form Learning Itemsduring 40days

Write name of Brothers or Initials under each column

# ActionsNames of Brothers &
Date assigned →
1 Review Kalima Tayyiba
2 Review lman-e-Mufassel
3 Etiquette of Mashura (A8)
4 Learn Fard of Gusl (one-to-one)
5 Learn Fard of Wudu (one-to-one)
6 Ford of Tayamum (one-to-one)
7 Fard of Salat (one-to-one)
8 Wajids of Salat (one-to-one)
9 Learn Durud Ibrahim (one-to-one)
10 Learn Tashaud (one-to-one)
11 Learn Du'a Qunut (one-to-one)
12 Etiquette of Taleem (A20)
13 Say 6 points
14 Etiquette of Reading Book (A20)
15 Reading Etiquette (Ramadan & Haj) (A20)
16 Etiquette of Joula (Umumi)
17 Etiquette of Joula (Khususi) (A24)
18 Etiquette of Bayan (B5)
19 Topics of Bayan (B6)
20 Etiquette of Elan
21 Etiquette of Tashkil ((A32)
22 Conduct Mashura (A8, A9)
23 Conduct Taleem (A20)
24 Be a Mutakallim
25 Talk on the phone ((A24)
26 Read Story of Sahaba (A22, C-X)
27 Say 6 points after Fair
28 Hadith/Story of Sahaba after Zohr (A22)
29 Learn 5 Amals and Say.
30 Practice Elan/announcement
31 Practice Bayan in Jamat (5 times) (B5)
32 Learn 3 Tasbih
33 Quran Read/Learn Daily
34 Review Last 10 Suras
35 Learn Masnum du'as
36 Learn how to Tashkil (A32)
37 Pray Tahajiud
38 Pray Special Salat
39 Etiquette of Sleep
40 Etiquette of Eating
41 Du'a after Bayan (B6)
42 Khidmat of Jamat (A31)
43 Clean Masiid, Kitchen, toilet (A31)
44 Niat for 4 months (A32)
45 Niat for local work
46 Learn Halka Mashura (Al 1)
47 Learn Zonal Mashura (Al2)
48 Learn National Mashura (A13)
49 Personal Reading (Sadaqat) (C-S)
50 Learn 1-Q, 1-H from each chapter (C-..)
51 Learn Additional Etiquette (D2)
52 Learn Du'a Etiquette (n)
53 Learn Hekmat of Da'wah (B1)
54 Build 5 Bavans (B6)
55 Prepare Karkuzari (D8)

To download more copies go to .islamicbulletin.com “free books, “ other” Dawah Checklist http://islamicbulletin.com/services/all_ebooks_p4.aspx#link15