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Da'wah Etiquette


This book was compiled with the help of Allah (_), to describe step by step on how to become a successful Dayee and do effective Da'wah according to the Quran and Sunnat of Rasul (oi). Allah (fj) says to give Da'wah with Hekmat (wisdom) (An-Nahl:125). Rasul (;i) said to propagate even if you know one ayat of Quran (Bukhari). Rasul (;i) and Sahabas (~)made tremendous sacrifice to deliver the message of Islam to the farthest corner of the world. As a follower of the Last Messenger (:i), it is an obligatory duty on all Muslims to do Da'wah. This book was compiled with various references from Quran & Hadith on different virtues of Amals, selected stories of the sacrifices of Sahaba, outline on how to do Da'wah with Hekmat; structures of different Bayans (speech), selected topics for effective speech; how to compose a speech model for certain group and certain situation; various information to organize and coordinate Da'wah activities worldwide. Hekmat of Da 'wah has no limits. It needs to be developed through Experience, Training, Fikr, Knowledge, Sacrifice, Patience, Du'a (supplications) as quickly as possible to become a successful Dayee. Hekmat of Da'wah should be presented in such a way so that each can feel s/he can do it. Lot of motivation and encouragement should be done continuously to keep the importance of Da'wah in front of us and to do for the sake of Allah (~)according to the way of Rasul (;i). May Allah (~)accept all of us for this noble effort of Da'wah and make us big winners in the life hereafter.

.:4.IidUf:Hye Houston, Texas November12002

Table of Contents

Chapter A: Different Etiquette A1

A1 Why Da'wah (calUinvite people towards Islam)? A1 A2 Da'wah Objectives/Goals A3 A3 Da'wahfromyourMasjidtotheWholeWorld A3 A4 Five Amal of Masjidwar Jamat A4

A4A Your Masjid (MI) 5 Amal Development A4 A4B 2nd Joula Process Development A6 A5 Your City(C1) Activity A6 A6 Learning Priority inJamat A8 A7 12Points A9 A8 Adab of Mashwara A10

ABA Historical Backgrounds of Mashwara All A9 Etiquette of Mashwara A14 A10 GuidelinesforWeeklyCityMashwara A17 A11 Guidelines for Halka Mashwara A19 A12 Guidelines forZonal Gathering A20 A13 Guidelines for National Mashwara A20 A14 Etiquette of Journey A21 A15 Overseas Journey A28 A16 Etiquette of Masjid A30

Al6A Fard Gusl (compulsory shower) while inside Masjid A32 A17 Etiquette of Bathroom A32 A18 Etiquette of Eating and Drinking '" AM A19 Etiquette of Sleep A40 A20 Etiquette of Taleem I Halaqa A45 A21 Quran Recitation A47 A22 FirstSalatuponArrivalattheMasjid A48 A23 Etiquette of General (Umumi) Joula A49 A24 Special (khususi) Joula A53

A24A 3 types of people to visit on Specialjoula A55 A25 Elan IAnnoumcement A57 A26 SixPoints A57 A27 Duties and Responsibilities of Amir A66 A28 Why Obey Amir? A69 A29 Collective Amal versa Individual Amal A70 A30 Some Hekmat of Da'wah in Jamat A72 A31 Men Jamat (24 Hours ActiVities) A74

Typical 24 hours Activities in Jamat A75 A32 Taskll Process/Local ABO

A32A Taskil Process/Overseas A81 A32B Taskil Process/Overseas Ladies A82 A33 Ladies Jamat A82 AM Student Jamat A8S A35 Ijtema Participation A87

A35A Actions During collective Amals A88 A35B Actions During rest period A89

A36 Ijtema Jamats A89

Typical Joula Arrangements A99 Typical Ijtema Layout in NA AlOO

A37 Types of Jamats A101 A38 Karguzari (Detailes of Jamat's activities) A106 A39 Wapsi Hedayat (Returning jamat's Instructions) A108 A40 Hedayat (Instructions to work in Jamat) A110

Da'wah Etiquette

X6B Umar Trying to Emulate Abu Bakr C15 X6C Sahaba dying thirsty for others C15 X6D Hamza's Shroud C16 X6E Story of the Goat's head C17 X6F Umar's Wife Acts as a Midwife C17

X7 Valour and Heroism " C18

X7A Ibn Jahsh and Saad Pray for Each Other C18 X7B Hanza1a is martyred C18 X7C Amar-bin-Jarnoh's desire For Martyrdom C19 X7D Musab-bin-Umair get Martyred C20 X7E Wahb-bin-Qabus gets martyred C20

X8 Zeal for Knowledge " C21

X8A Musab-bin-Umair Carries out Da'wah C2l X8B Abu Hurairab's Memory for Hadith C21

X9 Pleasing theRasul , C22

X9A An Ansari Razes a Building to the ground C22 X9B Huzaifa Goes For Spying C23

X10 Sahaba'sCourageandSpIritforIslam C25

XlOA Fatima's Tasbi C25 XlOB Aisha's Spending In the Path of Allah C25 X10C The Story of Zainab C26 XlOD Khansa Exhorts Her Sons to Bravery C28 X10E MartyrdomofSumiyya C28 XlOF Story of Prophet's Daughter Zainab C29 X11 Young Sahaba -Devotion to Islam C29 XIlA Two Youngsters of Ansar killed Abu Jabl C29 XllB A Contest Between Rafe and Samara.... . C30 X12 LoveforRasul;i '" ..•...•.•..••......••• C31 X12A Abu Bakr's Sufferings for Islam C31 X12B An Ansari Woman's Anxiety about theProphet C33

Virtues ofAmal a••••-•••••••.-•••••••••1·1 ,-•••••••• 1_•••••• .• • • • • 1.1••••e-'••••1-'••'_1_•••••• e.••••••eM

Da'W8h &Tablig (D) '" C34 DQOl-26 Virtues ofDa'wah from Quran C34 DHO1-60 Virtues of Da' wah from Hadith C38

Kalima Tayyiballman (K) C52

KQOl-08 Virtues ofKalima from Quran C52KHOl-14 Virtues of Kalima from Hadith C53

88lat I Prayers (P)'" , C57 PQOI-09 Virtues ofSalat from Quran C57 PHOl-24 Virtues of Salat from Hadith C58

11m·/ Knowledge (El CM


EQOl-03 Virtues ofIlm from Quran C64EHOl-20 Virtues of11m from Hadith CM

Ouran (0) C68

QQOl-03 Virtues ofQuran from Quran C68QHOl-17 Virtues ofQuran from Hadith C69

Da'wah Etiquette