To The Reader

The reason why a special chapter is assigned to the collapse of the theory ofevolution is that this theory constitutes the basis of all anti-spiritual philosophies.Since Darwinism rejects the fact of creation, and therefore the existence of God,during the last 140 years it has caused many people to abandon their faith or fallinto doubt. Therefore, showing that this theory is a deception is a very importantduty, which is strongly related to the religion (deen). It is imperative that thisimportant service be rendered to everyone. Some of our readers may find thechance to read only one of our books. Therefore, we think it appropriate to spare achapter for a summary of this subject.

In all the books by the author, faith-related issues are explained in the light of theQur'anic verses and people are invited to learn God's words and to live by them.All the subjects that concern God's verses are explained in such a way as to leaveno room for doubt or question marks in the reader's mind. The sincere, plain andfluent style employed ensures that everyone of every age and from every socialgroup can easily understand the books. This effective and lucid narrative makesit possible to read them in a single sitting. Even those who rigorously rejectspirituality are influenced by the facts recounted in these books and cannotrefute the truthfulness of their contents.

This book and all the other works of the author can be read individually ordiscussed in a group at a time of conversation. Those readers who are willing toprofit from the books will find discussion very useful in the sense that they willbe able to relate their own reflections and experiences to one another.

In addition, it will be a great service to the religion to contribute to thepresentation and reading of these books, which are written solely for the goodpleasure of God. All the books of the author are extremely convincing. For thisreason, for those who want to communicate the religion to other people, one ofthe most effective methods is to encourage them to read these books.

It is hoped that the reader will take time to look through the review of otherbooks on the final pages of the book, and appreciate the rich source of material onfaith-related issues, which are very useful and a pleasure to read.

In these books, you will not find, as in some other books, the personal views ofthe author, explanations based on dubious sources, styles that are unobservant ofthe respect and reverence due to sacred subjects, nor hopeless, doubt-creating,and pessimistic accounts that create deviations in the heart.

God calls to the Abode of Peace and He guides whom He wills to a straight path. (Qur'an, 10:25)

January, 2002

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