Life and Death

By Sheik Muhammad Mitwaly Ash-Sha‘râwy

“In worldly life I am but a traveler who sought shade under a tree then he departed and left it behind.”

The Prophet Muhammad (May Allah bless him and grant him peace)

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent,
the Most Merciful

Dedication_________________________________________ i

Introduction _____________________________________ ii

Chapter One____________________________________________ 1

What Was The Beginning? _____________________________ 1

A fruitless debate and sophistry _________________________ 3 Witnessing Allah in the immaterial existence ______________ 5 Forms of the creation of mankind _______________________ 6 Laws of life and death ________________________________ 8 What are the laws of sleep? ____________________________ 9 The beginning of life ________________________________ 11 Bestowal of life in the soul____________________________ 13 Existence … and the perception of existence ______________ 13

Chapter 2 _____________________________________________ 17

What Is Life? _______________________________________ 17

Inanimate beings cry, hear and talk _____________________ 20 Plants as well ______________________________________ 22 The ant speaks and the hoopoe has knowledge?____________ 24 A life… yet unknown to us ___________________________ 25 The Knowledge of Allah and that of mankind _____________ 27 All what is in the universe is alive ______________________ 30

Chapter 3 _____________________________________________ 32

What Is Death?______________________________________ 32

Life within the grave!! _______________________________ 34 The Barzakh life… out of the span of time _______________ 39 Him Alone gives life and causes death___________________ 43 Nimrod and his claim of causing death and giving life_______ 45

Man And Immortality ________________________________ 50

The secret of life and its end __________________________ 53 The two cycles of creation: death and life ________________ 55 Names of the Supreme Self of Allah and Timelessness of His Divine Attributes ___________________________________ 57 We were…before coming to be ________________________ 58 Suicide and immortality in Hellfire _____________________ 59

Chapter five ___________________________________________ 64

The Life Of This World _______________________________ 64

True worship and how it should be?_____________________ 66 Who prepares food for us? ____________________________ 68 The Divine Law set before creation _____________________ 69 Man’s duty in life___________________________________ 71 The Divine Law and the work of the human mind __________ 73 Life from a male and a female _________________________ 75

Chapter six ____________________________________________ 78

The Life Of The Hereafter_____________________________ 78

Beyond the capacity of mind…but true indeed when it comes to the Power of Allah __________________________________ 80 The record is never lost ______________________________ 81 Proving Resurrection with tangible evidences _____________ 84 Paradise __________________________________________ 86

Life & Death

After praising Allah and praying for the bestowal of blessings and peace upon our master, the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad, I beg Allah that these issuing books from my library be a step taken on the path of guidance and a light that may illumine the way towards Faith and we pray for guidance and success from Allah.

Muhammad Mitwaly Ash-Sha‘râwy i