Make this special card for yourfavorite friends and family


1. Cut a square piece of

1. Assist.

thin card, and paint it

2. Unhappy.

6. Allah’s last Prophet.

black and white to make

9. Prophet Jesus (Arabic).

a picture of the Kaabah

  1. He leads the prayer.
  2. Month for fasting.

15. Call to prayer

17. This prophet nearly sacrificed his own son.


Fold the card as

shown. Fold the edgesAfter cutting the paper, fold

1. Islam’s Sacred book.

so that you may beand glue three sides inwards.

2. Light

able to stick yourLeave the last side open until

3. Islam’s first pillar.

picture to your Cardyou have put the Eid Card

4. Not bright.

Across: 1. Help 3.Sad 6. Muhammad 9. Isa 11. Imam

12. Ramadan 15. Adhan 17. Ibrahim

Down: 1. Holy Quran 2. Lamp 3. Shahada 4. Dim 5. Eid &. Adam 8. Ismail 10. Iman

13. Dua 14. Nuh 16. Ali

inside the envelope.

5. Muslim festival.

  1. The first man and Prophet.
  2. Ibrahim’s son.

10. Faith (Arabic).

3. Fold a larger

13. Muslim supplication

piece of thick card.


14. This Prophet built the Ark

4. Stick your


picture of the

16. The Prophet Muhammad’s

Kaabah on the

cousin and son-in-law.

large card, and

Crossword Answers

write your Eid Message on the card.

Page 23 Answers:

13.Hamzah 12. Umm Kalthoum

11. Rukaya 10. Zainab 9. Hussain

8. Hassan 7. Fatimah 6. Ali

5. Abdullah MuttalibMuhammad (SAW) 4. Abd Al-

(PBUH) 3. The Prophet

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