Othman Ibn Affan

The Third Caliph


Mohammad Redha

Former Iibrarian of Fouad the 1st Library

Interpreted by

Mohammad Agha


Beirut -Lebanon

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most MerciCul

Introduction 01 Interpreter
Othman: Man 01 leniency and tolerance

Othman Ibn Affan, , for whom may Allah's good pleasure is prayed, is the third orthodox caliph known as «Zu-al-Nourain». He was the son-in-law of the Messenger of Allah, (to whom may Allah's Blessingsand peace be granted), and he was described by hirn as «a shy man from whom angels feel shy».

Othman had many favours in Islam. Most important favour was the equipping ofal-O'sra Army. Allah, Be He exalted, said: «Who followed him in the hour of O'sra (Distress)»,

The Messenger of Allah, (to whom may Allah's Blessings and peace be granted), accepted Othman's great aid to al-O'sra Army. He said: «Nothing will harm Othman after today».

And He added: «He who equipped al-O'sra army will be one of the inhabitants of Paradise»,

Othman was known for his generosity and piety. He bought the Romat well from a Jewish and offered it as a public utility for Moslems. He also was known for offering financial aid to Moslems. He, moreover; was the first to pay for Mu'azens (callers for prayer), the first to address Moslems at religious sermons before the prayers of al-Id (feast); the first to authorize people to allocate alms on their money; the first to be appointed as caliph at his mother's life, the first to appoint chief constable; the first to immigrate with his family, etc...

In fact, Othman's favours are uncountable. His caliphate lasted for eleven years from 24 -35 Hijra during which very significant events took place.

He was assassinated on Friday, 18th of 'h al-Hejjah, 35 Hijra.


have become weak and biased to your relatives.

Othman said: Do you know that Omar appointedMo'uawya along all his caliphate? So, I appointed him!

Ali said: I appeal to you! Do you know that Mo'uawya was more frightened than Omar.

He replied: Yes!

Ali said: Mo'uawya behaves ashe likes without taking permission from you and you know this. He tells people this is Othman's order. And you know this and you don't do anything to prevent it.

Ali, , for whom may Allah's good pleasure is prayed, explained the very crux of the problem. It is the infuence by those people on Othman, who was unable to get independent from them.

Very catastrophic events took place in the aftermath of murdering Othman. And many victims fell as a result of inter-fighting among Moslems.

Mou'awya was ambitious to be the Caliph. Sovhe used Othman's murdering as a cover to obtain what he wanted. He accused Ali 'Ibn Abi Taleb of helping «murderers» and used all gimmicks to rally Moslems behind him,

Othman's presence after his death was stronger than his influence during his life. Thus, even those who used to ignite Moslems against Othman attempted to.play «his card» after his assassination.

Aiysha, the Mother of Berlievers,Talha and al-Zubair demanded revenge for Othman's blood and they fought AlL But, they lost to hirn at al-Jamal Battle (the Battle of Camel). The three, Aiysha, Talha and al-Zubair, repented for pushing the developments to such a terrific battle which caused the death.of the best Moslems.

Later, Seffin Battle and other bloody battles prompted by Mou'awya under the pretext of revenge for Othman's killing led to the weaknes of Islam and the fragmentation of Moslems.

Othman's points of frailty might be a reason for the successive events that hit Islam and Moslems; but the frailties of others, particularly those who were ambitious to reap the fruits of the tragedy were more dangerous!!!

Developments during Othman's caliphate and following his assassination


show facts. These developments speak for themselves.

In a word, Othman was the victim ofhis power-seeking relatives. He was, pious, lenient and tolerant; but they were greedy and ambitious to control the very state of atTairs!!!

Let events show up facts. It is a real drama fraught with plots, fear and blood on the one side and telling lessons on the other!?!

Mobammad Agba