An Explanation

'Riyadh a{-Saliheen.

from the words of
the Master of the Messengers

Al-Imam Al-Haafidh Al-Faqeeh

.Jlbee Zakariyyali Muliyyee .Jl{-'Deen yaliya .Jl{-Nawawee

Explanation and Completion
His Eminence

Sliaykli .Muhammad.ibn Saiih. 5\{-''Utliaymeen

Member ofthe Body of Senior Scholars and Teacher in the Faculty of Sharee'ah -Qaseem

Verification -Annotation -Hadeeth Extraction -Index Placement


'Dr. '.Jlbdu{{ali ibn tMuhammad'ibn .Jllimad .Jl{-Tayyar

Supervisor -Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Religious Endowments
Da 'wah and Guidance in Mosque Affairs


.Jt6u Sulavmaan.
Sajad.ibn '.Jlbdur'Raliman

English Language Teacher
House of Knowledge -Jeddah

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An Explanation of

niyacfli af-Saliheen.

from the words of
the Master ofthe Messengers

'Part 1

An explanation of Riyadh a1-Saliheen from the words of the Master ofthe Messengers

Comprising of six matters:

[1] Table of Contents

[2] Introduction

[3] Translator's Introduction

[4] Introduction -Imam AI-Nawawee

[5] Biography of Imam AI-Nawawee

[6] Biography of Shaykh Muhammad AI-'Uthaymeen