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   Etiquette & Manners: Bathroom 






A Simple Guide 

For Instructing  

Little Muslims  

According to the  

Quraan & Sunnah 

(Insha Allah) 






2006 Talibiddeen Jr. 




Habits are usually more easily learned at young ages---it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, per say. I have found that to be the case as my little ones tend to remember to wash their hands after coming out of the bathroom as well as remember to say duaas (or ask which one to say) more than the older ones. We try to review, on a regular basis, the etiquette of using the bathroom. Not only is this an issue of manners, but also one of health and safety, so of course, it is important to review this regularly. Sometimes I physically “re-enact” the whole process of going to the bathroom, taking the kids through each step of going to the bathroom (from the duaa for entering to the duaa for leaving).

2006 Talibiddeen Jr. 


Table of Contents 

I. Entering the Bathroom What do we say before entering the bathroom? 

What foot do we step first with into the bathroom?  

II. Using the Bathroom 

Properly using the mirhad (toilet) 
Making Istinja 
Flushing the mirhad 
Cleaning up after yourself 
Duaa upon leaving 
Stepping out of the bathroom 
Washing your hands 

2006 Talibiddeen Jr. 



What do we say before entering the bathroom?

Allahumma inni ‘authu bika minal khubthi wal khaba’ith Oh Allah, I seek refugewith you fromall evil and evil doers.

NarratedByAnas:WhenevertheProphet(sal-Allâhualayhiwasallam)wenttoanswerthe callofnature,heusedtosay,"Allahummainnia'udhubikaminalkhubuthiwalkhaba'ithi.e. OAllah,IseekRefugewithYoufromalloffensiveandwickedthings(evildeedsandevil spirits)."(Bukhari,144)

Which foot do we step first with into the bathroom?

We step into the bathroom with our left foot first.

HazratAisha(RadiAllahuanha)says,"SayyidinaRasulullah(Sallallahualayhiwasallam)likedto beginwiththerightwhilecombinghishair;whileperformingablution(wudhu)andwhenputting onhisshoes.(Alsoineveryotherdeed,hefirstbeganwiththerightthentheleft). Commentary. This(beginningfromtheright)isnotconfinedtothethreeactsmentionedinthisHadith. SayyidinaRasulullah(Sallallahualayhiwasallam)beganeverythingwiththeright,thatiswhy everyotherdeed'hasbeenaddedinthetranslationoftheHadith.Thebasicruleis,thatallthose thingsthatreflectdignityandelegance,whileputtingonthesetherightispreferred,andwhen removingthemtheleftisbegunwith,aswhenputtingonclothes,shoesetc.Whenoneenters theMasjid,oneenterswiththerightfootandleaveswiththeleftfootfirst,asthisistheplaceof dignityandgreatness.Contrarytothis,inthosethingsthatdonothaveeleganceinthem,for instancewhenenteringthetoilet.(Tirmidhi)fromTheHadithSoftware.


1. When using the bathroom, make sureyou SIT completely on the toilet or squat directly over the mirhad. When using a mirhad, make sureyou do not squat back too far orup too close to the edge so thatyour urine and feces miss the mirhad (uck!)

1. Afteryou have relieved yourself, makeISTINJA (clean yourself). Parentsshoulddemonstratehowtodosoproperlyforyoungerkids.(anditwon’thurttoreviewitwiththeolderonesinshaAllah).


“….AndAllâhlovesthosewhomakethemselvescleanandpure[i.e.whocleantheir privatepartswithdust(whichhasthecleansingpropertiesofsoap)andwaterfromurine andstools,afteransweringthecallofnature].”(9:108)

NarratedbyIbn'Abbas:OncetheProphet,whilepassingthroughoneofthegrave-yards ofMedinaorMeccaheardthevoicesoftwopersonswhowerebeingtorturedintheir graves.TheProphetsaid,"Thesetwopersonsarebeingtorturednotforamajorsin(to avoid)."TheProphetthenadded,"Yes! (Theyarebeingtorturedforamajorsin).Indeed,oneofthemneversavedhimselffrom beingsoiledwithhisURINEwhiletheotherusedtogoaboutwithcalumnies(tomake enmitybetweenfriends).TheProphetthenaskedforagreenleafofadate-palmtree, brokeitintotwopiecesandputoneon eachgrave.Onbeingaskedwhyhehaddoneso,hereplied,"Ihopethattheirtorture mightbelessened,tillthesegetdried." 

  1. When you are finished using the toilet or mirhad, FLUSH it. Ifyou cannot reach the handle, be sure to ask agrown up or older brother or sister to flush it immediatelyas it will probably stink soon ifyou don’t. (Phew!)
  2. Beforeyou leave the bathroom, make sure the FLOOR is clean, if not spray it down and squeegee if necessary.


When we leave the bathroom, what do we say?

Ghufranak. Iask Your (Allah’s) forgiveness.


When we leave the bathroom, what foot do we step out with?

We step out of the bathroom with our right foot first.

HazratAisha(RadiAllahuanha)says,"SayyidinaRasulullah(Sallallahualayhiwasallam)likedtobegin withtherightwhilecombinghishair;whileperformingablution(wudhu)andwhenputtingonhis shoes.(Alsoineveryotherdeed,hefirstbeganwiththerightthentheleft). Commentary. This(beginningfromtheright)isnotconfinedtothethreeactsmentionedinthisHadith.Sayyidina Rasulullah(Sallallahualayhiwasallam)beganeverythingwiththeright,thatiswhyeveryotherdeed' hasbeenaddedinthetranslationoftheHadith.Thebasicruleis,thatallthosethingsthatreflect dignityandelegance,whileputtingonthesetherightispreferred,andwhenremovingthemtheleftis begunwith,aswhenputtingonclothes,shoesetc.WhenoneenterstheMasjid,oneenterswiththe rightfootandleaveswiththeleftfootfirst,asthisistheplaceofdignityandgreatness.Contrary tothis,inthosethingsthatdonothaveeleganceinthem,forinstancewhenenteringthetoilet.(Tirmidhi)


Upon leaving the bathroom, wash your hands with soap and water.

Note: It is common, in Yemen, and maybe other Middle Eastern countries for the bathroom sink to be located outside of the toilet area, thus hands are washed after leaving the bathroom. Of course in America, most sinks are in the bathroom, so this is done prior to leaving the bathroom.







‘How perfect You are O Allah, and I praise You. I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except You. I seek Your forgiveness and turn to You in repentance.’

2006 Talibiddeen Jr.