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Noura Durkee



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Stories of the Sahabah: Volume I

Program of Social Studies Junior Level

Chief Program Editors Dr. Abidullah ai-Ansari Ghazi

Ph.D., History of Religion Harvard University

Tasneema Khatoon Ghazi

Ph.D., Curriculum-Reading University of Minnesota

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Those rp,.omised CParadise

Religious Review Shaikh Abdool Rahman Khan

BA University of Madinah

Maulana Obaidullah Saleem

Fadil. Dar ul-Ulurn, Deoband

Dr. Muhammad Fadel

Ph.D., University of Chicago

Maulana Abdur-Rahrnan
Sayeed Siddiqui


Huda Ouraishi-Ahmed

B.Sc., University of Illinois, Chicago

Heidi Liddle

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.!Por Margarette-
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18, 1995,
I began this project.

'fable ofContents


IQRA's Note vii
Barakah (UmmAiman) ·103
Fiuimab Bint Muhammad ·123
Hamzah Ibn 'Abd al-Muttalib ·131
ralJ:tah Ibn 'Ubaidulldh At-Tayyim ·193
Introduction xi
'Abd ar-Rahmdn Ibn 'Awj· 15
'Abdullah Ibn Salam 29
Abu Bakr As-Siddiq 37
Abu 'Ubaidah Ibn al-Jarrdn 53
'A'ishah bint Abu Bakr 61
'All Ibn Abi riilib 79
'Ammdr Ibn Ydsir 97
Bildl Ibn Rabdk 113
Ja'far Ibn Abi r'dlib » 147
Khadijah Bin Al-Khuwailid 163
Sa'd Ibn Abi Waqqa~ 173
Salman al-Fiirsi » 183
Thdbit Ibn Qais Al-Ansari 203
'Umar Ibn al-Kha.~tab 213
Uthmiin Ibn 'Affan 229
Zaid Ibn 'Amr and Sa'id Ibn Zaid» 241
Az-Zubair Ibn Al-'Awwam 249
Appendix 259

IQcfk1's JVote

QRA' International is pleased to offer Those Promised Paradise, the first volume in a series of Stories of the Sahabah adapted by NOUTa Durkee. The volume contains the biographies of twentyone intimate Saluiban of Rasulullah ~ who were promised Jannah through various traditions of the Prophet~.

A more famous lfadith on this subject promises Jannah to ten Sahdbah. popularly known as al-'Ashrah


'Abd ar-Rahman bin 'Awf ~ reported the Messenger of Allah ~ as saying: "Abu Bakr will go to Paradise,'Umar will go to Paradise, 'Uthman will go to Paradise, 'Ali will go to Paradise, Talhah will go to Paradise, Zubair will go to Paradise, 'Abd ar-Rahman bin 'Awf will go to Paradise, Sa'd bin Abi Waqqas, Sa'id bin Zaid will go to Paradise, and Abu 'Ubaidah bin al-Jarrah will go to Paradise." at-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah

There are other traditions which mention the name of other Sahdban and Sahabiyiit who were promised Jannah in their lifetime or soon after their death. We believe all the Sahdban of Rasiilullah ~ will enter Jannah; here we include those chosen ones who heard the good news from the Prophet ~.

As all those chosen Sahdbah. included in this vol