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Тhisbook is approved Ьу:Presidency of Islamic Research, Ifta and Propagation RIYADH -SAUDIARA.BIA Approval and release number: 500/5 Dated 2/5/1409··А.Н


This book isapproved Ьу:Ministry 01 Informatj()n МАККА.Н-SAUDI ARABIA Approvaland release number: 28/2/М

Dated 3/1/1 411 А.Н

This book is approved Ьу:

Muslim World League

МАККАН-SAUDI ARABIA Approval and release number: 1/15З9/МDated 27/7/1409 А.Н

This Ьоокis аррюуеаЬу:Islamic Research Аса4етуAt


CAIRO-EGYPT ApprovalNumber: М1, 80 D.ated 8/8/1409 А.Н

15/3/1989 А.D


Before уоиstart reading this book, lhopethat уоиwill Ьеobjectivebyreading the text carefully andwith апорепrnind.


ТНЕ РАОРНЕТЗ (тауреасе Ье uропthеm)

Afterthecreation of Аоагп.апоEve,(3.odsent many\Prophetsto the реор'вto teachfhem about GodandJo)instruct them тоworship theOp,'yTrue God(Allafi).

Th~reason.that.. родэеп!ProphetS'N~S>to ~f>readthegoqdn7~s,toteach people а,~s~t(Э.Qd,a,.ndto tell themabout Рагаейэе.ТЬе.mes$~ge)oft~ePrqphetswasalso togivepeople warnif1g~,>Fortf1isre~son,peoplehaveпоexcusebefor~(3QdontheJudgement Dауаftегhаviпgreceived tho$~manyProphets.

Тhemessage of the Prophetswas alsoto teach f1pf11anity to ... Iivеtоgеthегiпp.eaceandharmony. eecaus~peop\ledon't.know·wh.atisrightand what ~s'tVrong,.Sodhasэеп!manyProphetsthroughout hi~tq7togu1dethe people.

~Qrex~mpl~,зотеof the Prophet~th?t§~d~entVIl~re:!Acfam,.Noah, Abraharn, ....lsa~R,>~acot:),Ishmeal, ... Оау1д,Sоlоmоп,Моэез~J7~PS.,..•. ~f1d

Myh~f11m~d~. . > ...•.....••..•..... .••........... Th\elastPrOpi1et was MUhamrn~d~.Je~~Sisпо!the эопofGod. Jesusis .•• ~.PrqptJ~tljkeМиЬаттаа,АЬгаНаm,.Moses~angpa"icj.

AII Prophets~reMusHms.,.~oIsfami~pstanewreHgion.Jthase~Istedsincethetimeqffcf~rn·Godооевnotsencfpeopleto.Hell withoutfirstre~~i~ir1g

~.•• P~ophet·or'a·.rnessage;however, \thosep~oplewhq.p.aver~eiveda.Prophet.wiHпауеnOexcu.s~in

frQntof'Godonthe[)ay of Judgement.

Godsaid: (to th. Prophet Muhammad ~)

We have sent thee Inspiration, as We sent it to Noah and the Messengers after him: We sent Inspiration to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes, to Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron, and Solomon, and toDavid We gave the Psalms.
Ofsome apostles We have already told thee thestory, of others we have not, and to Moses God spoke direct.
Apostles who gave goOO news as well as warning, that mankind, after(the coming) ofthe apostles, should have поplea againstGod: ForGod isExaltedin Power, Wise.

(Quran IV. 163,164,165)


"We" means God.

"We" is plural for majesty.

"We" is reserved only for royalty.


W~at?ifY1a(leme:select and .~~mp.i.I;•.}·tl1i~.~~1.;:~*0fTM(thesavi;n9Saf)ddOi09.S of:~"eerQPl)etMtJbaP'1mad; .••..~..).was·that ··lwa$.$h.;t.I:($d.••~rtqsitl·rpri$ed~;./dtlringаd'iSСU$$iо_.i·"ithi;;SОФ~

Christi.ans who сопsidеrthеРflQ.рl1еtl\IIuhаmПi1а(l.•~.amanwhohasprovidt~·r1gn~heavenlyttilchings.

'fbeycompare. the· P.opbet··MlJbamA"1ad:1.~.... toB·uclcll)·ilan(l;:GonfuciuSa$well asto teachers ofNfNDUSa"d••·SI·KH.

'fhis iSbecau$e they do по!know at),o.tIttt1t teachtf\8s c>fthe ..Prophet.Muhammad ...;•..~:.~.boi$thetiSeal(thelast)Qfall prophets аПd'~;р()$tl~$.These/tw()::-.hundred HADI'f~arejyst'aye~ysmallpartof.apout half·a mJllion H~DtTIi~

Iselected and соmрilеdthеsе•. ~А()'l'..Нп;fрr

i.. Оknowaboutt. Ь.е.
sayi.ngs,teachings and the life oftheProphet Muhammad
~orhisgreatmiracle,the Holy

П.........•." .,n..........•.....•..',' ",;:.. М:/Ji:"-''':--''>~Us.:..•.I...•..i.;.._ ms .С'wh.o.'.. -".о<_ do -.П,',;о.t _ _ _ __

_" _


·QLJRAN. ТЬеgreat QURAN is the miracleof the Prop.het Muhammad ~through.all.ages. This bQok still has аgreat inf.l·uепсеоnаИMustimsand non..Muslims who rea.dit.