The first Caliph


Mohammad Redha

Former Iibrarian of Fouad the 1st Library

Interpreted by

Mohammad Agha


Beirut -Lebanon

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In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful
Introduction of interpreter

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The Interpreter Mohammad Agha


In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


Thanks be to Allah for His abundant favours and for His Graces which are innumerousand uncountable.

And 'I beg His pardon from the grave guilts and the small ones as weIl. And I beseech His guidance andblessings. And I say May Allah's Blessings and peace be granted to Mohammed the Messenger of Allah.

I actually had a great desire to write the glorious biography of the Messenger of Allah; To whom May Allah's Bessings and Peace be Granted in order to disseminate it in the Islamic world. So, I spent days and nights in fullreading and gerting through the biographies and I collected them and explained the mysterious sides and verified the rightness of narrations and . confirmed the datesand events and replied to objections and silly questions by bright evidence and categorical proofs. The book was satisfactory to me as for bringing about the right information into the Islamic World. When it was done, people received it with acceptance and approval and they read it with eagerness and enthusiasm.

Thanks be to Allah, the book has so far obtained the satisfaction of both the public and the elite. And I have received the messages of praise and encouragement from great Elmas and men of letters. I feIt myself pushed forward by a force to continue researches and writing in spite of the pre-occupations of daily life.

Many friends asked me to follow the biography of Allah's Messenger by the biographies of the Orthodox Caliphs in the same way. I had the pleasure to hear that and I couldn't but respond to them positively. I kindly requested Allah to guide me to the best. I saw to write the biography of