Women in the Qur'an,
Traditions, and

Women in the Qy.r'an,
Traditions, and


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Stowasser, Barbara Freyer, 1935Women in the Q!!r'an, traditions, and interpretation!
Barbara Freyer Stowasser,
p. em. Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 0-19-508480-2 (Cloth)
ISBN 0-19-511148-6 (pbk.)
I. Women in the Koran. 2. Koran-Biography.
3. Women in Islam
1. Title. BP134.w6S76 1994
297' .1228-dc20 94-3968

The c.alligraphyof the text of Sura 66,
vs. 11-12 on the book jacket is the work of Mohamed Zakariya


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Formyfriends andcolleagues
Hans-Wolfgang Liepmann,
Thomas P. McTighe,
Amin Bonnah,
andRichard Dorn

And God sets forth,

As an example

To the Believers,

The wife of Pharaoh ...

And Mary, the daughter of Imran ... Qur'an, Sura 66, vs. 11-12