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The Islamic Bulletin
Volume I No. 1
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Adam is an Arabic word for ‘man’. He was the progenitor of
human race. He is reckoned to be the first Prophet by the
Muslims. He was also the first man whom Allah had created
from the elements of clay. The Holy Qur’an affirms:
“O mankind! Surely We created you from dust.” (Qur’an
The gradual process of man’s physical development has been
referred to in the following verses of the Holy Qur’an:
“He began the creation of man from dust. Then He made
his progeny of an extract of water held in light esteem.
Then he made him complete and breathed into him of
His spirit and made for you ears and eyes and heart.”
(Qur’an 32:7-9)
According to the latest scientific research, the man has been
created from clay with all its elements and their inherent
properties. It is discovered by a chemical analysis of the
human body that a defect occurs in its normal functioning
when the quality of any of these elements gets diminished. In
such case vitamins are used to supplement the deficiency and
restore normal health.
The Creation of Prophet Adam:
Before the creation of mortal, Allah directed all the angels to
assemble. Thousands upon thousands of angels (created from
light) and Jinns (created from fire) gathered in groups. They
bowed respectfully in the presence of Allah. The Creator of
the universe declared that He intended to create the man. The
angels and Iblis (Satan) disapproved the idea and pointed out
that human beings would cause disorder on the earth. They
would make mischief and shed blood indiscriminately. The
Holy Qur’an gives a description of this even in the following
“And when your Lord said to the angels: I am about to ap-
point a vicegerent in the earth. They said: Will you place
therein such as will cause disorder in it or shed blood?
We celebrate your praise and extol your holy names. He
answered: I know what you know not.” (Quran 2:30)
Angels were asked to make Obeisance to Adam:
Allah taught Adam the names of all things and inculcated
into his mind the knowledge of their properties. The Holy
Qur’an says:
“And He taught Adam the names of all things; then pre-
senting them to the angels, He said: Tell Me the names of
these if you are right.” (Quran 2:31)
The angels did not know their names and said:
“Glory be to You. We have no knowledge except what
You have taught us. Surely, You are the Knowing, the
Wise.” (Quran 2:32)
After that, Allah questioned Adam in the presence of all
angels about the names of different objects. He gave correct
answers. On the basis of this superiority, Allah asked all the
angels to bow as a mark of respect to Adam who was created
so miraculously. The Holy Qur’an affirms:
“O angels! Fall down making obeisance to Adam.” (Quran
Angels Prostrated but Iblis (Satan) Refused:
When the angels heard the commandment of Allah, they all
complied without hesitation. They bowed with respect and
admiration to the new creation and that was Adam. However,
Iblis (Satan) did not surrender on various pretexts and stood
still. They Holy Qur’an says:
“And when We said to the angels: Make obeisance to
Adam, they did obeisance, not so Iblis, he refused and
was haughty and he was of the rejecter.” (Quran 2:34)
Challenge of Iblis:
Iblis disobeyed Allah and became defiant. He arrogantly
refused to accept the authority of a creature who was made
of rubbish. Iblis thought himself superior to human being.