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The Islamic Bulletin

Issue 10

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The Islamic Bulletin

Issue 10

Dear Editor:

Periodica Islamica is a quarterly

journal produced by Berita Pub-

lishing - the leading publisher

of a wide range of books and

magazines for the world market.

As a contents journal, Periodica

Islamica reproduces contents

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These periodicals are selected

for indexing on the basis of their

relevance to scholarly issues,

current affairs, history, culture,

and religion. We maintain con-

tents indexing arrangement with

over 700 publishers worldwide.

It is my pleasure to convey that

your periodical, The Islamic

Bulletin, has been selected for

indexing by Periodica Islamica.

This gives you an opportunity to

be listed by the world’s premier

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Our initial plan is to commence indexing the latest issue of your

periodical. In order to ensure consistency of coverage, it would

be necessary for us to receive your publication on a regular basis.

I, therefore, request that you please add us to your mailing list.

We welcome rush copies of your issues and would be happy to

accommodate any specific request that you may have.

We already have added you to our mailing list. Upon publication,

you will receive each issue of Periodica Islamica carrying contents

from your selected publication.

I thank you for your cooperation in this matter and look forward

to hearing from you soon.


Dr. Munawar A. Anees


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dear Editor:

I am extremely happy with your newsletter because it has helped

me in many ways. It is a guide for me and I look forward to every

issue. This is one of the best newsletters I have read so far. I read

every article. I am a young man who has repented to Allah, a

sincere repentance Inshallah. But, I committed a sin prior to my

repentance. I stole some money from one of my relatives and now

I feel ashamed to give him back the money. What should I do?

(Name and address withheld)


Dear Brother,

First, I pray to Allah that He accepts your repentance, and that He

keeps all of us firm in our repentance until the day we meet Him.









Inshallah, Allah will forgive you for the sins which you committed

prior to your repentance. Allah says in the Holy Quran:


“O my servants who have transgressed against their souls!

Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for

He is oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

“Turn ye to your Lord (in repentance) and submit to Him, be-

fore the chastisement comes on you: after that ye shall not be

helped.” (Quran 39:53-54)

“He is the One that accepts repentance from His servants and

forgives sins: and He knows all that ye do.” (Quran 42:25)

On the authority of Anas (R.A.A.), who said: I heard the Messenger of

Allah (pbuh) saying:

“Allah the Almighty has said: O son of Adam, so

long as you call uponMe and ask of Me, I shall forgive you for what

you have done, and I shall not mind. O son of Adam, were your sins

to reach the clouds of the sky and were you then to ask forgiveness

of Me, I would forgive you. O son of Adam, were you to come to

Me with sins nearly as great as the earth and were you then to face

Me, believing inMe, and not associating anybody withMe, I would

bring you forgiveness nearly as great as the earth is.” (Tirmizi)

You should realize that Allah is Most Generous and Most Merciful

and that He forgives our sins and is happy of our repentance. Yet,

Allah is not harmed by one’s wrongdoing nor from one’s good

deeds, but Allah loves those of us who ask for forgiveness. It is

mentioned in the following hadith that Hazrat Anas bin Malik

(R.A.A.), an attendant of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.), reports that

the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) has said:

“Allah is more pleased with the repentance of His servant than

would be one of you who were to lose his riding camel, which

carries his food and drink, in barren desert and then find it

suddenly.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

It is also mentioned in the following hadith that Abu Musa Ash’ari

(R.A.A.) relates that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) has said:

“Allah will continue to hold out His hand at night so that he who

has sinned during the day might repent, and to hold out His

hand during the day so that one who has sinned at night might

repent, and Allah will continue to do so till the sun rises from

the West, i.e. till the Day of Resurrection.” (Muslim)

After your repentance, you should make your intention not to do it

again. And as for the money, you have to find some way to return

it to your relative.

1) You can go directly to your relative and tell him what happened.

You can then explain to him that you have repented and you are

returning the money. Your relative would be very happy and most

likely say, “JezakAllah (May Allah reward you) and forgive you.”

Or, if you are ashamed to go directly, then:

2) Put the money in an envelope. Then give the envelope to a

young child and ask that child to hand it to your relative. You could

include a note with it explaining what happened; that you took

the money from him in the past but are now returning it. You need

not include your name.

And Allah knows best.

Dear Editor:

I was hospitalized in the San Francisco Heart Institute two weeks

ago. On my way back from the hospital to the Holiday Inn, a Muslim

Brother cab driver gave me a copy of your Islamic Bulletin. I must

be grateful to Allah and to all the Muslim brothers and sisters in San

Francisco for having been able to establish the Center. May God

bless you and this establishment towards a better development of

Islamic society around the world.

As a token of my appreciation towards your effort, enclosed please

find two volumes of my “Collection of Sermons”, which may be

useful to the Center.

My family and I are vacationing now in Seattle for recuperation of

my heart treatment.

Also, please enter my subscription for my daughters who are living

in Seattle. May God Bless You Always!

Sincerely yours,

A.G. Nasutien

Manila, Philippines







Web Address:


Editor, Islamic Bulletin

P.O. Box 410186

San Francisco, CA 94141-0186, USA

Also, please enter my subscription for my daughters who are living

in Seattle. May God Bless You Always!

Sincerely yours,

A.G. Nasutien

Manila, Philippines

Dear Editor:

My name is Zack Waldman and I am thirteen years old. We have

been studying world religion in school. We all picked religions to

do a project on, and since I liked it best, I chose Islam. I have been

very interested in Islam, reading the Koran and studying about Allah

and Mohammed. I would appreciate it very much if you could send

me some materials on Islam. Please do it ASAP, as I have a deadline.

Thank you very much. I will be happy to pay the postage.

Zack Waldman

Lahaska, Pennsylvania


Dear Zack,

If you are searching for the Truth, Allah will guide you. God does

not look at our wealth, position, or race but scans our hearts. Take

time to read about Islam. I hope these books, tapes, and pamphlets

are helpful in informing you more about Islam. I have also enclosed

our issues of “The Islamic Bulletin”. If you have any other questions,

please write me or give me a call.

Good Luck and may Allah guide you.


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Assalamu Alaikum!

The Brothers here at Masjid Muhammad pray that all the Muslims

there are being blessed with good health and prosperity.

We are presently incarcerated, and writing to ask for your help

towards our dahwa efforts here.

We are seeking whatever help you may be able to offer, such as,

volunteers to come into this institution, books and literature, and

contacts with Muslims willing to correspond with Brothers here.

Our greatest need is that of volunteers to come in and help us in our

spiritual development. We have no Imam or any other Muslim free

person coming in. All praises due to Allah (SWT), we are doing the

best we can on our own, however, the presence of knowledgeable

and grounded Muslims would greatly enhance our efforts. We need

Muslims to teach at our Jumu’ah and taleem services, and guide us

in our strives to become good Muslims.

Our Ummah consists of about 35 Brothers. We have proper accom-

modations for our Masjid, Holy Qur’ans and Hadith, and a relaxed

environment. If someone was to volunteer, the conditions would be

conducive to teaching and learning, Inshallah. Anyone interested

should write us so we can discuss the necessary procedures, or call

our sponsor, Ms. Rohrbach, at (209) 984-5291 ext. 5205.

As mentioned, we are in need of any type of assistance you can offer.

If you can provide us with literature, or direct us to other possible

sources, we would greatly appreciate it. In any case, Inshallah, we

would like to maintain communication with you and any other

willing Muslims; just having contact with the world community

would be of great inspiration to the Brothers here.

Inshallah, we hope to hear from you soon, and we pray that Allah

(SWT) continues to bless us all.


Anthony Faulk

Islamic Clerk, E-06583

Sierra Conservation Center

P.O. Box 497

Jamestown, CA 95327

Attn: N. Rohrbach, Islamic Sponsor

Oakland, CA

On the authority of Abu ‘Abd ar-Rahman ‘Abdullah ibn Masud (may

Allah be pleased with him), who said: The Messenger of Allah (peace

be upon him), narrated to us:

“Verily the creation of each one of you is brought together in

his mother’s belly for forty days in the form of seed, then he is

a clot of blood for a like period, then a morsel of flesh for a like

period, then there is sent to him the angel who blows the breath

of life into him and who is commanded about four matters: to

write down his means of livelihood, his life span, his actions, and

whether happy or unhappy. By Allah, other than Whom there is

no God, verily one of you behaves like the people of Paradise

until there is but an arm’s length between him and it, and that

which has been written overtakes him and so he behaves like the

people of Hell-fire and thus he enters it; and one of you behaves

like the people of Hell-fire until there is but an arm’s length

between him and it, and that which has been written overtakes

him and so he behaves like the people of Paradise and thus he

enters it.” Related by al-Bukhari and Muslim

When one reads the above hadith and then the story below, one

will clearly see how the remarkable life story of Jacques Baston

is the perfect example of the above hadith and a time to ponder

about one’s life.

Jacques Baston was born on August 31, 1970 in Oakland, California

to John and Myrna Baston. His early education was nurtured and

developed in the parochial and public school systems in Oakland.

He attended junior high school at Wentworth Military academy in

Lexington, Missouri, where he graduated. After completing his high

school in Nevada, Jacques returned to Oakland where his life took

a turn for the worse. Although Jacques had good parents and was

raised a Christian, he began getting involved with the wrong crowd

and eventually started selling drugs.

Then in May of 1991, Jacques Baston was shot in the knees and

chest with a 9 millimeter handgun by some gang member. It was

during this time when Jacques was hospitalized that he began

reading the Holy Quran. A Muslim brother came to visit Jacques

in the hospital and brought him the Quran to read. It was from this

time that Jacques began to analyze his life and the purpose of it. He

realized that he was caught up with drugs and wanted a way out.

After his release from the hospital, Jacques would come to the

mosque. He attended Jumha prayers on a regular basis and it was

during this time that he learned how to make salat (prayer). And

although Jacques had not accepted Islam yet, he wanted to learn

how to pray. The shooting had left Jacques with a slight handicap

but he still insisted on praying, even though he felt slight pain when

bending to his knees.

Another Muslim brother, named Tashiri, used to speak to Jacques

about Islam. Tashiri used to give Dahwa (invitation to Islam) and

talk about the Akhira (after-life) and explain how this life was only

a temporary life. Jacques would exclaim that he believes in his

heart that he was a Muslim and that Islam was the true religion.

He used to say, “I know I am a Muslim. I know Islam is the truth.

Islam is real!” But he felt that he was too caught up in selling drugs

to become a Muslim. He believed that he had to give up selling

drugs before he could accept Islam. But it was during this time that

he began telling his friends that he wanted to quit selling drugs and

become a Muslim.

Also, it was after being shot that Jacques realized that it was no

coincidence that the Brother had visited him in the hospital and

gave him the Quran to read. He realized how Allah was giving

him a second chance to live, change his lifestyle, and become a

Muslim. He knew that Allah must be extremely Merciful to give

him another chance.