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Vol I No.1
1 Introduction
2 Islamic Center's Activities
3 The Virtues of Qur'an
4 Qur'an and Science
6 Sincerity (lkhlas)
7 Stories of the Sahabah
8 Women in Islam
8 The Kids'Corner
9 The Prophet Adam
11 Prayer Schedule
12 Teachings of the Prophet
13 Why I Embraced Islam?
14 Islamic Dietary Laws
Editorial correspondence should be
addressed to
The Editor of the
CA 94141-0186.
February 1991/Shahban 1411
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam:
We are proud to present our first issue of the Islamic Bulletin. There
is a great need for Islamic information in the San Francisco Bay
With everything happening in the world today, we need to be
constantly reminded about the importance of religion. Each issue of
the Islamic Bulletin will include. religious articles, Islamic events,
letters to the editor, news, and other features. We will also include
a game or activity for the children. Our next issue will of course
cover the month of Ramadan.
The group of writers for the Islamic Bulletin voluntarily gather to
write the articles and will include sections from the Hadith and the
any person would like to submit hislher article for
publication, please send it to: Letters to the Editor, P.O. Box
410186, San Francisco, CA 94141-0186. We welcome all religious
articles and information on upcoming Islamic events in the San
Francisco Bay Area.
We also welcome letters to the editor and suggestions and/or
comments on how to make the Islamic Bulletin a better publication.
The Islamic Bulletin is distributed free to members of the Islamic
Center of San Francisco. We welcome new members and
participation in the Masjid is greatly encouraged. The Islamic Center
offers two types of memberships, an Individual Membership for a fee
of $10.00 or a Family Membership for a fee of $20.00. The
Individual Membership entitles a single voting right and the Family
Membership entitles two voting rights. Please make checks payable
to The Islamic Center of San Francisco, Membership Department,
400 Crescent Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110.