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tell them he said, "Performing complete ablution
although circumstances make it difficult,
travelling far to mosques, and looking
expectantly to the next time of prayer after the
prayers have been said. That is the defense of
the frontier.
Note: 'Defence of the frontier' is meant in
spiritual sense, as a defence against infidelity and
- (Muslim - Tirmizi)
Hadrat Ibn Abbas (raa) has related that the Holy
Prophet said, "There are four things such that if
one gets them one gets the good of this world as
well as of the hereafter. These things are: a
heart that is thankful, a tongue that remembers
The Almighty constantly, a person who is patient
in the face of hardships and a wife who does not
willingly misappropriate her husband's trust in
his belongings as well as her body.
- (Baihaqi -Hayatul Muslimin)
A human mind is never blank. Sometimes
conditions are agreeable and at other times
disagreeable. In the former case, he has been
advised to be thankful, while in the latter, he
should be patient.
means that thankfullness
and patience are to be the regular features of a
man's everyday life. Never forget this aspect of
human life and then see for yourself how
peaceful your life becomes.
- (Hayatul Muslimin)
Hadrat Abu Hurairah (raa) has reported the Holy
Prophet as saying, "When one of you looks at
someone who is superior to him in property
and appearance, he should also look at someone
who is inferior to him."
- (Bukhari and Muslim)
A version by Muslim states, "Look at those who
are less fortunate than yourself and do not look
at others whom you think are superior to you,
for that is more liable to keep you from
despising The Almighty's favor to you." Hadrat
Suhaib (raa) has reported that the Holy Prophet
is remarkable that everything turns out
The Islamic Bulletin
well for a believer while that applies only to a
happiness befalls him he thanks and
it turns out well for him, and if misfortune
he shows endurance and it turns out
well for him.
- (Muslim)
Contentment and Self Satisfaction
Hadrat Abu Said al-Khudri (raa) is reported to
have said that some of the Ansar begged from
the Holy Prophet and he gave them something.
The later begged from him again and he gave
them something so that what he had was
exhausted. He then said, "What I have I shall
never store away from you, but The Almighty
will strengthen the abstinence of him who
abstains, will give a competence to him who is
satisfied, and will strengthen the endur-
ance of him who shows endurance. No one has
been given a better or more ample gift than
endurance. "
- (Mishkat)
Hadrat Anas (raa) and a few others have
reported that the Holy Prophet had said,
"Moderation in expenditure is half one's
livelihood" (this means that one should speak
with caution and deliberation).
Hadrat Imran bin Husain (raa) reported that the
Holy Prophet said, "It is most excellent in The
Almighty's sight for a man to maintain silence
than to engage in worship for sixty years."
- (Mishkat)
Kindness and Stone Heartedness
Hadrat Jarir bin Abdullah (Pbuh) reported that
the Holy Prophet said, "The Almighty will not
show mercy to him who does not show mercy to
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