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in our community. As a reminder, we would
like to inform that those who wish to obtain the
Islamic marriage certificates for the US marriage
license should first have their names registered
with their respective county's City Hall (based
on the marriage jurisdiction mandated by the
State of California.) However, the Imam can
perform the marriage according to the Shariat,
the Islamic Law.
The Islamic Center conducts Prayers five
times daily. The Center also conducts the Juma
Khudba (Friday prayer). During the holy month
of Ramadan, the Center offers the Taraweh
prayers during which the Imam finishes the
complete Qur'an recital by the 27th night. The
Imam is also one of the Ullama' s(Religious
scholars) on the Chand Committee for the
Northern California.
Brother Yahya Bubaker, the Islamic School
coordinator, would like to inform the parents of
the students that the school schedule has been
changed to Sunday, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 p.m..
These Islamic classes are conducted by the Imam
with the assistance of three other professional
teachers - one male teacher for the boys and two
female teachers for the girls. Presently, the
Islamic school has 38 students and the number
has been increasing steadily.
The school
primarily focuses on the Qur'anic teachings, but
it also focuses on the Hadiths, the Shariat,
and other Islamic articles. Such a well defined
curriculum provides our children with a clear
knowledge and understanding of Islam.
In order for the Islamic center to conduct the
Islamic school on a regular basis, we earnestly
request the parents to generously donate the
tuition fees, $15.00 per child or $25.00 per
family (two or more children) per month.
Please understand that the Islamic Center has a
a very tight budget to provide for the Islamic
school. The major cost in operating the school
is the salary for the teachers. Regular payment
of the tuition fees helps defray the school
The Islamic Bulletin
operating expense, but in an event if some
brothers and sisters cannot afford to pay the
tuition fees,their children are still welcomed to
attend the school. Respected brothers and
sisters, we at the Islamic Center need your
utmost support and close cooperation. May The
Almighty One, the most merciful and
compassionate bless you all with success in this
life and hereafter.
Hazrat Uthman (raa) narrates that the Prophet
(Pbuh) said: "The best amongst you is he who
learns the Qur'an and teaches it."
The Qur'an is the basis of the religion of Islam,
and on the preservation and propagation of the
Qur'an depends the very existence of this faith.
The virtue of learning and teaching the Qur' an is
self-evident and does not need further
There are various degrees of
excellence. The highest is to learn the Qur'an
along with its meanings and purport, and the
least is to learn its words only.
The 'hadith' mentioned above is supported also
by another saying of the Prophet (Pbuh) as
reported by Razrat Sa'id ibn-i-Salim (raa): "If
a person who has acquired the knowledge of the
Holy Qur'an considers another person who has
been gifted with something else to be more
fortunate than himself, he has shown disrespect
to the blessings of The Almighty bestowed on
him on account of his learning the Qur'an." It
is evident that since the Qur'an, being the
Almighty's Word, is superior to all other
discourses as mentioned in some of the ' ahadith '
quoted later. Sahl Tastari (raa) says that the
proof of love for The Almighty is the existence
of love for The Almighty's Word in one's heart.
February 1991 / Shaban 1411