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The Qur'an, the holy book in Islam, is not a
book of science yet it talks about so many
different areas of material things in a very
scientific way that leaves an everlasting miracle
and a permanent challenge to the thinking
humans. Such references are hard to include in
such a short article, however, a good sample of
them are included in this article. The trans–
lation from Arabic to English makes those verses
lose some of their strength when some words
have to be translated to the closest words.
The human embryology subject is one of the
most amazing
in the Qur'-an. a verse in
Surah AI-Zumar says:"The Almighty makes
you in the wombs of your mothers in stages,
one after another, within three veils of
darkness." This matches with what Dr. Keith
Moore from Canada says that a 20 week fetus in
the uterus is surrounded by three veils of
darkness: the abdominal wall, the uterine wall
and the aminochorionic membrane.
Another verse in Surah AI-Muminoun
says: liThe Almighty made you from a drop of
sperm into a leech-like structure which
changed into a chewed -like substance that
then took the shape of a bone and was clothed
with flesh". Dr. Keith Moore says that a 24
day human embryo looks exactly like a leech or
a bloodsucker. At,28 days, several parts of
bead-like somites start to appear on the embryo
to make it look like the chewed substance.
A saying of the prophet also states this: "Not
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from all the fluid is the offspring created
a verse in Surah AI-Insan says: "Verily We
created the human being from mixture of
germinal drop. " Another verse in Surah
AI-Muminoon shows that the bone material is
formed before the flesh: "Then We clothed the
bones with flesh." Many more verses provide
detailed description of the development of the
embryo that needs advanced knowledge of the
human embryology to appreciate.
The expansion of a universe, a recent
discovery of modern science, that was first
suggested by the general theory of relativity and
is backed up by physics in the examination of the
galactic spectrum; the regular movement towards
the red section of their spectrum may be
explained by the distancing of our galaxy from
another. Thus the size of the universe is
constantly increasing. This verse in another
Surah says: "The Heaven, We have built it with
power. Verily, We are expanding it."
Concerning the moon, the sun, and the
night, the Holy Qur'an says in Surah
Al-Anbiyaa:"(The Almighty is) The One who
created the night, the day, the sun, the moon.
one is traveling in an orbit with its own
Another verse in Surah Yaseen
says:"The sun must not catch up the moon,
nor does the night outstri p the day. Each one
is traveling in an orbit with its own motion."
The Qur' an also tells the difference between
the sun and the moon. The sun is called
February 1991 / Shahan 1411