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The Miracles of the Quran

The Quran as a Precept and Discipline For Life

Another remarkable feature of the Quran is that it explores and prescribes some remedies for all mankind. As a 'remedy' its fundamental objective is to cure any widespread corruption or deviation from pre-established moral values and ethical norms. The Quran deals with all these shortcomings and prescribes remedies for them. Far from falling short of dealing with contemporary issues confronting mankind, it is as relevant today as when it was first revealed.

However by failing to perceive the wider and more profound meanings of the Quran, man sometimes misses the remedy. There is no fundamental issue concerning man's existence in this universe that is not inherently dealt with. The Quran is fundamentally a discipline of worship and guidance in establishing a right way of life. Thus, when the Quran tells us to explore the earth for evidence of Allah's greatness, or to study the universe for knowledge and enlightenment, or to toil and produce, or build and populate the earth, it is, in fact, delineating rules which should govern man's movement within Allah's universe.

In our endeavor to achieve our goals, we must be armed with unwavering faith in Allah's grace and infinite justice, as well as with the firm conviction that we are divinely guided subjects whose principal concern should be the fulfillment of Allah's plan for mankind as expressed in the Quran - for Allah does not assist or reward those who ignore His decrees or stray from His path. By failing to follow Allah's directions one should not hope to share their fruitful ends. By straying, nations lose mobility and become decadent when they diverge from Allah's way, failing to implement His injunctions.

It is unreasonable to give lip service to the directives Allah has prescribed in His message and expect His blessing and rewards. It follows that there is no action without reward, and no reward without action. This is the core and kernel of Allah's precepts and discipline. It is this equilibrium which constitutes harmony and beauty in life and existence as a whole. Indeed, this balance would become meaningless if the industrious and the idle, the studious and the lethargic, the productive and the negligent were equally rewarded, irrespective of their effort or yield. If this became the rule, beauty and harmony would eventually disappear and be replaced by grossness and the lack of drive, motivation, ambition, ingenuity, creativity, and the desire to excel. There would be no addition to one's cultural heritage.


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